Neo-Kemetism… a Perfect Practice 4 Today


Em Hotep (Peace be with you).  I AM becasue You Are.  Thus I share….

Many believe Kemetism is a religion practiced in ancient Egypt. And even though Ancient Egyptian Mythology is “something”… the honoring of the NTR is real. Here is the truth…

  • Kemet is spelled KMT. No vowels, all caps.
  • KMT is a seeker’s practice. Not a religion. Religions are organizations of leaders and followers. Seekers are individuals on a unique journey.
  • KMT honors The NTR. The NTR is a way to spell Nature.
  • The NTR are made up of divinities that describe the attributes of nature. So for every Goddess or God mentioned in the study of KMT; it reflects on something naturally occurring on Earth or in the cosmos.

It’s that simple. And anyone who doesn’t believe in nature and naturally occurring events is stuck in an illusion… un-concious and asleep.

Luau Sunset

The reason why Neo-Kemetism is so relevant today is that the practice gives the seeker a pathway to leave religion; and focus on aspects that are Real and evident (not taught belief systems).

KMT is a safe life path because many new conscious organizations have moved to yet another way to practice religion. KMT is older than religion; where basically most major theology comes from Kemetic spirituality.

The only difference between ancient KMT and Neo-Kemetism is that the practitioner can return to Kemetic spirituality using modern tools… like the internet for learning about ancient artifacts, the pyramids, hieroglyphics and inter-stellar activities. However studying isn’t the only concept of practicing Kemetism. As with ancient KMT; the seeker exercises the mind, body and spirit (KA) using meditation; yoga (Smai Tai); and alchemy. The purpose quest of Kemetic practitioners is ascension.


So for pursuing an independent seeking journey; Neo-Kemetism is a perfect practice to start. And using modern technology; there there is no where to go… but to grow.

Ankh, Udja, Seneb.
Ashante… Ashe.

7 Basic Neo-Kemetic Root Word Energies

the Ta Het Ra Ma Da Ka Ba

To Be Neo-Kemetic is to inner-stand Self and Oneness; and to embrace the source of our origins and life-force. Being Neo-Kemite is seeking personal evolution by personal journey using personal truth. And in my truth, I seek to change my thinking by using terms from my Neo-Kemetic culture. So after meditation and study, I’m adopting the following 7-basic root terms to describe my energies:

the Ta – Matter

From my studies, in ancient Kemet, the term Ta Ma Ra is used to name our planet Earth. The Ta stands for land or matter… such as in nature that includes water, wind, air and fire. These are truly the elements of our planet. When I’m rooted, I’m connected to the Ta.

Luau Sunset

the Het – Creativity

The attributes of GodIs Het-Heru help me inner-stand any word using the root “Het.” GodIs Het-Heru is usually symbolized by the cow spirit… representing mother’s milk. Every bio-organism comes from a mother. Thus the importance of the root Het to describe sacral energy for creativity. Het can also be associated with sympathy, empathy, compassion and caring; all great attributes for fostering co-partnerships.

the Ra – Solar

Not only is Ra associated with the Sun and the Krist (Christ); but the Ra is the energizing force to drive passion for purpose. The day the Sun stops shinning on me; will be the last day I have for natural evolution on Earth… because the Ra is an integral part of the source of my life-force (along with all other natural Beings.)


the Ma – Nurturing

My Mother Nature is the Ma. But the Ma is not just divine feminine energy. All of the NTR can be associated with the Ma’at… a matriarchy where feminine and masculine energies are well balanced. The Ma helps me align Self (Ta, Het, Ra) with Oneness.


the Da – Knowing

From my studies, the word/terms “Da’at” means knowing; and “Da’ath” means to die without knowing. So that, I will associate the root “Da” with knowing AND sharing. Because knowing without sharing is another form of greed and hording.


the Ka – Soul

The word Soul is very similar to the Moorish Latin word Sol meaning sun, light, brightness or energy from the sun. And since the word Soul adds the letter “U” (you) to the word Sol; I derive the meaning for the word Soul to be “my enlightenment.”

If we associate matter with elements of the Earth and the Ether that provides connections to those elements…when the Soul connects to matter it ignites Essence. And Essence holds the keys to unlock the coded strands of our DNA. Our DNA is the blue-print for our consciousness instructions. Because consciousness determines how I choose life pathways:

-I choose my life-style;
-I connect 2 Spirit;
-I energize from Ra;
-I evolve through love;
-spirit connects me to other Ka.

Sol 2 Essence

And when my choices are fueled by “source energy” (Ra); ascension activities are enhanced; and my Essence is attributed to my “Life-Force” or Sekhem. Other cultures call it Kundalini Energy or Chi. When the Ka is joined with the Ra; I activate Solar (SolR) energy.

the Ba – Spirit

Ka + Ba = Spirit

Spirit creates connections for me to other Ka in diverse dimensions using the Ba. Even though Ka alone can represent “self”; joined with Ba, I achieve Oneness. People refer to their “spirit animals” when their Ka connects to someone/something in the Animal Kingdom. In prayer, I connect to my ancestors, in a different relm, using the Ba.

From these 7-root words, I now link the 7-Kemetic Intelligence Centers (ChakRa) with known medical science:

Root the Ta – Spleen Gland- blood filtering;
Sacral the Het – Gonad Gland – creativity and reproductive functions;
Solarthe Ra – Adrenal Gland – super natural growth for strength;
Heartthe Ma – Thymus Gland – T cells that protect immunity;
Throatthe Da – Thyroid Gland – metabolism;
1st Eyethe Ka – Pineal Gland – melanin synthesis;
Crownthe Ba – Pituitary Gland – nervous system.


As always, I pray you stay on a peaceful path for your personal enlightenment. Please feel free to use my Kemetic studies on your journey.

Stay Well, Stay Woke, Stay Warm

Asante Ashe.

Honor Your Process

SoulOpenedUpBookOne Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Phase V Honor Your Process

One important thing to adopt from this phase is…The Process, Your Process is by Grace.

The Process can prepare You for achievement or disappointment.

Even though the desire may be for achievement, the process may set You on a “curved path” because you’re just not yet ready for the “straight on” experience.

Therefore, Honor Your Process.

Below are commentaries on how to honor specific processes:

Day 31 – Honor Your Process with … Authenticity

My personal feelings make me who I am…they make me unique.

I should never compare my feelings to anything else…they are mine for my process.

Being authentic allows me to be as divine as I was created to be.

Day 32 – Honor Your Process with…Patience


Patience comes from Faith —-> that leads to Trust.

Trust comes from Truth!

Because we don’t know everything working in divine order…we must “Trust the Truth”

Patience is allowing yourself to bend while trusting you won’t break. This involves remembering things happen in Divine time.

To Honor Your Patience…Know That you are in the right place at the right time for the right reason doing what you are suppose to be doing. Then wait for acknowledgment on the right thing to do next 🙂


Day 33 – Honor Your Process with…Faith

Faith is Knowing spiritual laws.

Spiritual Laws are Not based on belief…Spiritual Laws serve you in truth.

Otherwise, if someone is giving you a belief system that isn’t serving you…this is evidence the belief system isn’t a Spiritual Law within your faith process.

However, for “Living Faith” to serve you…you must surrender:
-your will to control things

If you are in search of Spirit…Faith ignites Divine Spirit.

Day 34 – Honor Your Process with…Discipline


1st — Discipline is Doing

To have discipline, we must love ourselves enough to want to do things of value correctly in divine time (when needed).

Discipline diminishes stress while building character.

You want disciple because its rewards include: value, trust, willingness and choice.

Eat to Live Neo-Kemetically

Fresh Pineapple and Rice Breakfast Bowl


On the morning I decided to create this breakfast bowl, I wanted to eat a pineapple I’d purchased and refrigerated some days ago; but because my acid reflux hasn’t completely healed yet, I’m always trying to find a way to eat citrus fruit without upsetting the tummy.
So I figured I’d compliment the pineapple with some left over brown rice and balance the acid with the alkalinity of decaf hazelnut coffee. (quite the alchemist right?)

Since becoming a conscious vegetarian, and it being too hot and humid to want oatmeal; I’ve mostly eaten banana and nuts for breakfast in an effort to stay away from processed cold cereals.

So I put together this breakfast bowl and love it so much… decided to blog about it.

Here is what I used:
-two finger full grabs of pineapple chunks cut from a whole pineapple;
-left over brown rice from a previous meal;
-half a handful of raw almonds;
-handful of raw walnuts;
-tablespoon of raw chia seeds:
-tablespoon of margarine;
-two tablespoons of brown sugar.

To prepare my pineapple chunks:
-first washed the entire outside of the fruit before cutting on a cutting board;
-used a large knife to cut the top and bottom off;
-standing the remaining pineapple up horizontally, cut downward the fruit in half and then quarters;
-carved the yellow fruit from the quarters;
-discarded everything but the yellow carved-out fruit;
-washed the yellow fruit, diced and stored what not using in the refrigerator.

Washing the nuts:
I measured out the almonds and walnuts into a strainer to rinse over water. It is my experience water brings a certain flavor to raw almonds and walnuts even if the nuts are already clean. (Holy water right?)

Constructing the Breakfast Bowl:
-in the breakfast bowl, warmed the refrigerated left over brown rice for 40-seconds in the microwave until slightly warm enough to melt the margarine;
-mixed in the margarine, brown sugar and chia seeds;
-added the water-washed nuts to the bowl;
-topped the bowl with my fresh pineapple chunks;

My Neo-Kemetic benefits:
Pineapple: named for nurturing the pineal gland, activates the 1st-eye.
Raw Almonds: for vitamins that nurture my other two eyes.
Raw Walnuts: emulates brain matter to assist in memory of my purpose.
Chia Seeds: brings on the black dot metaphor of cosmic transference of energy.
Brown Sugar: reminds me the sweetness of color made soft by the margarine.
Brown Rice: the starch staple to make a vegetarian feel full, strong and powerful.

See 15 Foods that Actually Look Like the Body Parts They Benefit

And…I might try this recipe again by preparing at night and allowing to refrigerate for a cold and refreshing breakfast on a hot humid morning.


Phase III – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up Commentaries

Phase III of the book speaks to honoring others and I realized a lot about how we sometimes go straight to judgmental-mode when we think we are “Helping.”


For instance Prayers:  what I’m inter-standing is that The Divine will honor the prayers of the Self over the prayers of others for that Self.  So that, we must honor what ever that Self is praying for over what we want for that Self.

One of the hardest things to do (especially as a loving-protecting parent) is to NOT expect others to live up to our expectations.  The Divine honors the choice of the Self.

Again I mention:  Freedom = to choose who you are; what you believe; and how you will live.


Day 17 – 22 in comments to this post.

Peace – Justice- Harmony


Honor Yourself With CONSERVATION

From the book “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Day 13” authored by the beautiful woman Iyanla Vanzant.


This day’s commentaries really spoke something special to me because I’m a person who tries to battling with time…thinking I can plan things to happen just when I’d like them to.  But what I’m realizing is…no matter what I plan, life can NEVER be RUSHED. Everything always gets done in Divine time.

Somehow, I had convinced myself that Not Being Busy equated to Laziness (or rather was programmed).  But on the contrary, for a (former) Type-A person like me; personal Conservation  is hard work in that it means “always keeping something for yourself”.

Personal conversation should not be mistaken for greed; but rather that we are a natural resource to this earth.  We are meant to contribute, but we can’t if we don’t conserve.

After reading this day’s commentary, I realize I should stop fighting to give away my knowledge and service and conserve it for those worthy.  Yeah Me 🙂

Now I consider Conservation of mind, body and spirit as a relaxing method for self healing that includes nurturing myself by slowing down; simplifying and finding patience.




Mother’s Watching

Luau Sunset

She loves us from Nature…

…sending fresh air to our lungs as the trees release oxygen.

…singing a lullaby by way of chirping birds.

…touching us with gentle winds that blow over our skin.

…feeding us colorful fruits and vegetables that keep us healthy.

…showing us useful lessons from Her animal kingdom.


Believe it, Mother (Nature) is watching us. What? Are we trying to hide from Her?

…spending too much time “inside” our homes; in office buildings or trying to make other connections by way of religion?

QUICK! Open the door and windows so Nature can see you!

Turn off the TV and hear the song of chirping, whistling and rustling!


Let the Sun touch your skin and the Ocean waves take you into Her rhythmic dance!

Play in her lush grasses and make mud pies from her royal rich soils!

No need to run in fear and fright from raindrops as she softly bathes the world the way She knows is best!

wakakii beach10th

Be Smart, Be Kind, be Her loving child.

Mother is Always Watching.

Meditating TekKen Pose

TeKken Pose to Open Energy Channels

There are a lot of questions on how to meditate…how to do it correctly?…how long to do it to be effective?

MeditationEnergyMy journey leads me to understand meditation not only can be done anywhere, anytime and anyway; but a true Neo-Kemetic Yogi practices to stay in meditation perpetually.


One of my favorite ways to begin a focused meditation session is the TeKken Pose as described by Master Yirser Ra Hotep of Master Ra Hotep has spent over 30-yrs researching illustrations (written in the stone) in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and seeking understanding on how the images display and describe the practice of yoga.

Hatshepsut Teken

Usually, the goal of Smai Tawi (Kemetic Yoga) is to open energy channels for yoking the mind and body…the benefit being to enhance health and healing.

The sequence in the first video link below starts with a standing TeKken pose and finishes seated…practicing an alternating breath exercise. Shu is the Kemetic word for “breath” and the NTR responsible for gravity.

Because Smai Tawi incorporates “moving with breath in meditation”, I personally embrace this form of yoking the mind and body (ie definition of yoga).

The TeKken (otherwise known as the obelisk) represents different forms of symbolism from different perspectives. To keep this blog short, I’ll just pass along my accepted perspective that the TeKken represents rays of sunshine.  The Sun is energy, and as I often sun-gaze, the sun-rays look to me like TeKken.

teken sun rays


The TeKken pose is a simple but highly effective way to settle the mind and open energy channels for meditation. I encourage you to watch the YouTube video links below; and in addition elaborate how I begin meditating using the sequence:

Get Focused
*Standing straight up with my shoulders back and relaxed; feet together; hands to the sides of the thighs; and head comfortably level forward (looking into the future) usually directs my mind to set an intention for the exercise. Sometimes I need to take 3-long breaths here to clear my mind.

Stay Focused
*In the video, Master Ra Hotep instructs holding the tongue to the top of the mouth to enhance energy connectivity.

Become a Ray of Sun
*Once my arms are over my head with my hands pointing to the sky, I meditate being one of the many rays of Sun emitting light from the sky.


Open Throat Chakra
*Lowering the back of my head while in pose opens my throat energy channels for enhancement of communication paths as I face the sky (ancestors). After 3-breaths, I return my head to its level position looking forward (into the future again.)

Perfect Aura
*After taking a few deep breaths with the head comfortably looking into the future again, I meditate on using the sun-ray/TeKken created to develop an aura of light and protection while dropping my arms back to my sides.

Sometimes I repeat the sequence until I’m satisfied with the enlightened aura of protection I’ve created.  And then I’m prepared to begin my personal session of meditation…hopefully still focused on the intention I initially set.

There are many videos on the web for variations of the TeKken Pose. The first video link below is great for those who are very new to Smai Tawi and not ready for intense flexibility poses.  About 4-minutes into the video, Master Ra Hotep starts TeKken Pose instructions:

This video link below doesn’t require a lot of flexibility; but incorporates at least 9 to 10-minutes of standing.  The forward bend is great for channeling energy through the spine and lower back:

Many will agree…Meditation is Medicine.  Once you feel comfortable to begin a practice, I hope it brings health and healing to you too.

As always, thanks ALL for the shared text, images and video 🙂