Neo-Kemetism… a Perfect Practice 4 Today


Em Hotep (Peace be with you).  I AM becasue You Are.  Thus I share….

Many believe Kemetism is a religion practiced in ancient Egypt. And even though Ancient Egyptian Mythology is “something”… the honoring of the NTR is real. Here is the truth…

  • Kemet is spelled KMT. No vowels, all caps.
  • KMT is a seeker’s practice. Not a religion. Religions are organizations of leaders and followers. Seekers are individuals on a unique journey.
  • KMT honors The NTR. The NTR is a way to spell Nature.
  • The NTR are made up of divinities that describe the attributes of nature. So for every Goddess or God mentioned in the study of KMT; it reflects on something naturally occurring on Earth or in the cosmos.

It’s that simple. And anyone who doesn’t believe in nature and naturally occurring events is stuck in an illusion… un-concious and asleep.

Luau Sunset

The reason why Neo-Kemetism is so relevant today is that the practice gives the seeker a pathway to leave religion; and focus on aspects that are Real and evident (not taught belief systems).

KMT is a safe life path because many new conscious organizations have moved to yet another way to practice religion. KMT is older than religion; where basically most major theology comes from Kemetic spirituality.

The only difference between ancient KMT and Neo-Kemetism is that the practitioner can return to Kemetic spirituality using modern tools… like the internet for learning about ancient artifacts, the pyramids, hieroglyphics and inter-stellar activities. However studying isn’t the only concept of practicing Kemetism. As with ancient KMT; the seeker exercises the mind, body and spirit (KA) using meditation; yoga (Smai Tai); and alchemy. The purpose quest of Kemetic practitioners is ascension.


So for pursuing an independent seeking journey; Neo-Kemetism is a perfect practice to start. And using modern technology; there there is no where to go… but to grow.

Ankh, Udja, Seneb.
Ashante… Ashe.

Euro-Academia Not 4 the AfRaKan


Though we have the ability to be independent, we’re almost mentally enslaving ourselves to dependence.” – Dr. Marimba Ani

Just about to complete my third year working in the schools and I’m finally innerstanding why the system is failing our community.  After my first few assignments; I knew there was something very wrong. And it wasn’t because the teachers don’t care; or behavior issues from the students.

No wonder my children never considered education a serious matter.

The joke is on Us.  We have been trumped again; now that I’ve learned that the whole Euro-centric education system, here in the United States; was never meant to empower Us.

Truth is… Euro-centric Education is training the AfRaKan student to work against themselves. A European reality is an illusion to the AfRaKan. Euro-academia is designed to be objective, meaningless and de-spiritualized. With Euro-centric education, Afro-Americans are being mentally exterminated.  We don’t always consciously recognize it; but we live it everyday.

Don’t know the difference between Afro-centricism and Euro-Asian thought?  Here is a chart to help:

Afro-Centric Thought Chart

It’s NOT too late to remove the conditioning.

But the FEAR has to go.

We Must Love 2 Evolve.

Asante Ashe

My Neo-Kemetic Break Fast – Updated

So… sitting here eating bar-b-que chips at 10:30a; I’m compelled to update this post.  Please see changes/updates in red text as follows:


Just wanting to share a little ritual I do most every morning nowadays.

I’ve been told a healthy bio-body is one that can fast every once in a while.  Well, I fast almost everyday doing what most formally call “breakfast.”  The objective is to allow the bio-body to properly cleanse before introducing any heavy foods.

Water on plate

I once read that our digestive system wants a schedule to fully and properly cleanse in the mornings (restroom); grab nutrients during our waking hours  (mid-day to 8p); and do digesting while we are sleep.  So that  if we are eating at all times of the day; our system can get its syncronozation off and cause us distress.

Nowdays, I actually break my fast using a daily morning ritual as such:

1st – When I wake up; and before putting any thing else in my mouth… I drink at least 2-glasses of water.  One glass may be coconut water.  Drinking water is my tool for being able to fast without getting hungry until morning is over.  It is said many times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty.  So drinking the two glasses usually takes any hunger pains I have when I wake; it replenishes any hydration I need; AND it gives my body the green-light to start cleansing (by releasing my bio-wastes).  So during the early parts of the morning, I’m just drinking water, tea or coffee as part of my fasting ritual.

Coconut water

By 10a, I have used the restroom about twice (including a good bowl movement) and my bio-body may begin to ask for some nurishment.

Quick Note on Bowl Movements:  Never Strain…Drink More Water

So instead of eating any kind of processed foods between 10a and noon (or mid day); I go for a piece of fruit and/or nuts… so I’ve not formally broken my fast at this time.

I am ready to Break my Fast as close to noon (Re or  mid day) as I can.

Breakfast Bagel

But the KEY IS NEVER DIS-EASE YOURSELF.  If you want to try and Break Fast each morning; but some mornings it just doesn’t work out… Keep Kalm and try again the next day.

Eventually, my bio-body has synced up with the Break Fast; and my digestive system is feeling a lot better nowadays.

This is Just my Journey, I’m willing to share.

Lots of Light and Love, Asante Ashe.

Cheese Sandwich With Nutrients

Another vegetarian meal creation….



Here is one of my recent creations to make a favorable vegetarian meal using my VitaMineral nutritional foods chart:

Almond Cheese Sandwich with Mushrooms and Red Pepper

Here are the ingredients and the VitaMinerals I targeted:

Mushrooms-Zinc, B12, Iodine;

Almond Cheese-Vitamin E, B1, B2;

Red Peppers– Vitamin A;

Whole Wheat Grain Bread– Vitamin E, B1, B2, B5, Choline, Folic Acid;

Olive Oil – (cooking fat, but not a nutrient target)

This is an open-faced sandwich to minimize calories and gluten intake.

I heated a hand full of mushrooms and red peppers, that had been sliced, in a skillet with a small amount of olive oil.

While the mushrooms and peppers were heating; I began toasting a single slice of whole wheat bread. Before the toast started to brown, I added the almond cheese slice to the top of it.

Once the cheese was melted on the…

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Foods for the Mind Body Soul

To Know Thyself is to be conscious what we eat.



It’s been a minute since I first read the book “Vitamins & Minerals from a to z” by Dr. Jewel Pookrum, a living Imhotep. The book’s ethno-consciousness is a wealth of information on how melanin dominate people should eat to be healthy. One thing extra special about Dr. Pookrum is she emphasizes mental and physical health go side-by-side. There is no common sense in focusing on external health when soul and spirit are ill. Otherwise, there must be a balance of mind, body and soul when we look to good nutrition.

So I finally had time this weekend to document what I’ve read and learned to create the much needed VitaMineral spreadsheet I can use to grocery shop with. Attached at the bottom of this post is my most recent spreadsheet version as well as a PDF copy if you would like to use them for yourself. Here are some…

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Coming Forth By Day – The Logical Way 2 Tell Time



While attending Kiswahili class, I was introduced to another one of the many connections to re-member how I’m connected to the NTR. First let me clarify, the word Kiswahili is the AfRaKan cultural spelling of what English describes as Swahili. It is the Bantu language spoken by many on the continent of African… mostly eastern nations.

The close relationship to aspects of the Sun in Kemetology inspired me to write about the Kiswahili clock in this Kemetic Studies blog. Kiswahili time is an expression of where the Sun is in the sky by day or night. I don’t profess to have read the entire coffin text of the ancient book “Coming Forth by Day”; but the title has always resonated with me literally. The word for day is “siku” and the word for night is “usiku.” This reminds me of the mentions in the ancient text for “world versus underworld.”

I’ve written about Melanin Synthesis being a parabola or sine function that insists that we must get a certain about of sleep during a certain time of the night to be able to produce the Serotonin we need to function as healthy hue-mans. Please read that blog here in my OuachitaMuur space…

From my inner-standing, the Kiswahili way of telling time follows circadian rhythms, and melanin synthesis; as well as presents respect for the rising of the star Sirius. Here is what I learned:

*The word for hour in Kiswahili is “saa”; so to say 1’oclock is to say “saa moja.”

*Some Eastern AfRaKan nations are so close to the equator, they get 12-Hours of daylight everyday.

*With 12hours of daylight, the first hour after the sun comes over the Eastern horizon (sunrise) is 1’oclock (saa moja). To us in the USA, this is approximately between 6:00a-7:00a.

*Noon is the 6th hour of the day; “saa sita.”

*Sunset happens at the 12th hour of the day “saa kumi na mbile.”

*Because there is day and night time; Kiswahili identifies the times of the day with terms such as:

~Sunrise to Noon (6a-12p) is “Asubuhi”

~Noon to Afternoon (12p-4p) is “Mchana”

~Evening (4p-7p) is “Jioni”

~Night or After Sunset (7p-4a) is “Usiku”

~Before Sunrise (4a-6a) is “Aljafiri”

There is significance in Kemetology as well as in Kiswahili to naming the time-frames of day and night. With Kemet, the first hours of the day are called Khepra. Khepra relates in Kiswahili to the term Asubuhi. Kemetic mid-day, when the Sun is high in the sky is called Re. Re relates in Kiswahili to the term Mchana. The last hours of sunlight are called Atume in Kemetology. Atume relates in Kiswahili to Jioni. Once NTR Ra crosses the western horizon in his Sun Boat, he enters the underworld. The underworld relates in Kiswahili to the term Usiku (under day).

And it has been widely known that the most effective time to pray and meditate with the ancestors is 4a-6a. This special time of energy is known in Kiswahili as Aljafiri. The prefix “Al” is used to designate the feminine aspect of God. The term “Ja” is also known by some (Rastafarian) to be God. And “firi” sometimes translates to the energy of fire. Stars are bright light like fire. I also KNOW that the Star Sirius leads our Sun over the eastern horizon each day. This is why they call Sirius “The Great and Wonderful Morning Star.” She is the mother of the Sun. She is GodIs Aset. If I were to put this time-frame together for a consciousness translation for the word Aljafiri; I would say it means: “The Time to feel the light energy of the Goddess Sirius.”


What I’m realizing is… this is indeed culture for the Indigenous AfroAmerican and African-American. Here in the USA, we learn to tell time on a western clock using am and pm designations that do nothing for our spirit and relationships with nature (NTR). I’m not going to elaborate on how this highly impacts our consciousness in this blog. But it is just a piece of culture I’m glad to finally be able to embrace.


Goddess Sekhmet Will Save the World

BookOneCover-FinalYes!, in my new fiction book written under the pen name indigo ptah, Goddess Sekhmet is commissioned by GodIs Aset to go back to Earth and save it from SISI (Systematic Internal Societal Illness).

I’m so excited about this book series.  I believe it might be the first written as Kemetic Mythology from a Goddess perspective in modern history.

The book is available for pre-order Kindle Version at  And officially launches for download on 11/11.  I hope to have the print version ready soon.

If you are an Amazon Unlimited reader, you can get it free. Otherwise, it’s only a $2.99 purchase.

The book includes a lot I’ve learned about Kemetic Mythology… and how we can use the alchemy in real world situations.

Go here to see the 7 book novella series summaries.

Hope you enjoy reading how Goddess Sekhmet plans to get it done… by any means necessary 🙂