GodIs Coffee


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This recipe is for anyone who embraces integrating Kemetic practices into everything they do…even making coffee 🙂

Hazelnut Vanilla coffee
Distilled water
Organic Honey
Almond Milk
Organic Cacao dark chocolate
Coffee brewer, filter, etc.
Colorful ceramic coffee cup

The Practice:

1.Brew your favorite brand of Hazelnut Vanilla coffee in distilled water.  The hazelnut re-minds of the beautiful colors in the pigment of Her skin; vanilla re-presents sensual flavor of Her essence; distilled water is purposely created for purity…just like the Goddess.

2.Once the coffee is freshly brewed, pour into a colorful (vibrating) ceramic cup (or anything made of natural materials). Counting out loud from 0 to 8, pour honey into the cup.  Counting to eight during the pour activates the sacred number for eternity. The honey re-minds of the Queen Bee…Her role and Her royalty in the hive.  

3.Stir the coffee honey mixture 42 times while reflecting on the 42 affirmations of Ma’at.  Don’t worry about remembering each affirmation while stirring… maybe read the list (link here if you need) while brewing the coffee and then just meditate while stirring.  Be sure to relax knees and shoulders during the practice.

4.While the coffee is still hot, drop a small square of dark chocolate into the cup to melt.  Chocolate is to help raise vibrations (smile).

5.Lastly, bless the mixture with 3-drops of almond milk.  The almond milk re-minds of mother nature’s milk (fruit of the tree).  Three drops activate the sacred number for the Trinity…mother, father, child.

Find a soothing or sacred space to enjoy the coffee…try to stay in the moment.  

Imagine your Ka enjoying the special treat you made from loving hands and the GodIs spirit.

11 Hotep 11


South is Up

I had a dream I was on a journey and moving in the wrong direction.

Lately, I’d begun studying the lunar cycles as part of my research on the divine feminine rising. So, I got up early that morning and began reviewing what I’d learned about directional instances as described in Kemetic interpretations.


One major revelation I gained early in my studies is that because the Nile River flows from south to north; southern parts of the Kemetic kingdom were labeled “Upper Kemet” while the northern lands near the Mediterranean Sea are called “Lower Kemet.” Another bit of truth I’ve gained is the Gall-Peters map, (AfRaKa projected very large on the world scale), is a more accurate projection of earth than the Mercator maps used in US schools that make Europe and the United States seem larger than they really are.


Then I came across the very interesting view of the Apollo 17 photo of the world from space where a website showing the south-pole on top and AfRaKa upside down.(https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AApollo17WorldReversed.jpg).


So my final focus directed me to look again at one of the famous illustrations of Ra’s Sun Boat Journey depicting the NTR to include the Goddess Nut giving birth to the sun…Shu pointing where the sun enters her mouth and is delivered from her womb.  The symbols and paintings of Kemet preserved to have lasted thousands of years must surely be trying to tell us something.

Looking at the illustration I realize:

(a) the sun-boat is traveling from left (a starry morning sky) to the right (the Duat); we know the sun rises in the “East” and sets in the “West” so the illustration also assumes “South” is up.

(b) Goddess Nut swallows the sun in the west each night and gives birth to it in the east by day.  Since her womb is located to the left (east), South is up.

(c) the Great Sphinx of Giza is said to face the sunset which agrees with the illustration where the hind-part of a lion rides the left  (east) depiction of the sun boat in the illustration.


All this brings me to accept at this time that South is Up; and question why I was taught otherwise?

Am I living through someone’s mirror???


Release Rings to Ascension


It’s clear we must examine the Link between antiquities and our Future…the links are trying to tell us something. For instance, the Emerald Tablets…where hue-men are heirs to the principles of Tehuti and ancestors were guardians to the tablet’s truth.

I’ve blogged many times before on documenting “My Hue-Men Journey” by building blueprints for Who You Are? and Where Have You Been? This blog discusses Where Are You Going?

Below are my comments while reading the book “Ancient Future” by Wayne Chandler as I was doing additional research:

Even as the body consists of earthly elements, sovereign infinite beings are having earthly experiences.  This is because the hue-men (natural mentality) race is so much more than just a body. What makes us hue-men is the Spirit (the Ka) that resonates in the mortal body. To keep it simple:

     When the body stops resonating Spirit (the Ka) for the benefit of the Soul (the Ba), physical death occurs. For instance, a person can be “brain dead”, but until the heart (earth) stops circulating life-force (Anhk); the Ka is Not released from the body. Ka-Ba will Not choose to stay with a dead body…the Ankh is unbound like a person suffocating for lack of air.  Instead, at death, Ba is free to ascend back to Source when appropriate conditions exist with the Ka. -Dea Ptah 2017

What is Source?
Source is what most religions have labeled God. Source is all knowing, all powerful and the all loving creator. Source is not a white man in the sky as I was taught. My analytical training and Kemetic studies help me better over-stand that Source is the divine network of the YouNiverse; of which everything in nature, including hue-men, are a part of. This is what I’m proposing:


*Before Earth →the Soul (Ba) vibrates through the ether (Source network).

*Earthly Experience →the Soul (Ba) accepts an earthly-purpose and uses the body as a temple to fill with Spirit (Ka) to accomplish the purpose.

*After Death →Spirit & Soul (Ka-Ba) attempt to ascend back to Source once the earthly-purpose is complete.

This supports that hue-men exist on earth
for a purpose assigned to the Ba
to be accomplished by the Ka.


1st Ring – Moon
Makes sense the first place the Ka-Ba would visit directly leaving earth would be the closest celestial location… the Moon. On the Moon, the ability to increase and decrease is released from the Ka. I translate this to be associated with mood swings. Once we master our emotions…we are on a faster track to accession.

2nd Ring – Mercury
At this celestial place, the Ka releases machinations to include scheming, tricks, plotting and maneuvering. It is Not natural to connive to gain a self advantage over anyone/anything.

3rd Ring – Venus
Venus is known as the planet of love; but here the Ka must release the confusion of lust and passions. Keeping clear…the Ka is complete with balanced amounts of divine feminine and masculine presence. On earth, lust is for the body and passions are a mental illusion.

4th Ring – Sun
We are taught ambition is a “good and worthy” attribute on earth. But now I question the need for ambition when we already have everything we need…thanks to the Sun. In the 4th Ring, Ka releases ambition.

5th Ring – Mars
No co-incident that the word Mars rhymes with Wars. Here Ka releases profane rash worldliness…commonly found in ego. Again no co-incident the word ego uses the same letters as “geo” a prefix meaning earth/world.

6th Ring – Jupiter
Here Ka releases the accumulation of riches. Interestingly…the aspect of “accumulation” is emphasized.

7th Ring – Saturn
I describe this ring as the “gate of chaos” to release all falsehoods, conflicting messaging, intentional confusion, rebellion to order, and negative programming.

8th Sphere – YouNiverse
This is the ring of “fixed stars” and pure light. It is my interpretation here the Ka is fully released and Ba returns to Source…the mother-ship.

So there it is…my comments on the divine ascension of the infinite and immortal Ba as described by the guidance of 7-rings to fully release the Ka.

This blogs supports additional study and future postings on:

-What is hue-men (natural mentality)?
-How is the YouNiverse designed?
-What is Earthly-Purpose?
-What if the Ka is Not fully released?

It is my prayer all hue-men searching for purpose find a blueprint such as this to guide their journey in a peaceful and harmonic way.

-em Hotep

Kemetic Drama – the story

Em Hotep.

This is mystory/mystery of how a queen so loved her king that she was able to save her kingdom from a shadow ruler and give the ultimate divine gift of love to the world. I’ve personally read the story many times from many different perspectives. But it wasn’t until I was recently passing the story down by word to a family member… that I realize my own wonderfully beautiful and imaginative Kemetic drama should be written.

So here is how I’m feel’n the story:

The ancient kingdom of Kemet is ruled by royal deity. Even today, Goddess Aset is the seated queen; her Son/Sun God Heru is king; while her husband King Asar is the master of our “unseen” world. And this trinity is eternally the primary guiding ancestors of all who accept Kemetic roots.


As is the 3rd generation of Amen-Ra, 4-deities were seeded in the stars and named Aset, Asar, Nebt-het, and Set. Goddess Aset was created to be a compassionate heart-thinking and universal queen-mother to all the people of Kemet. King Asar’s wise demeanor gives him perfect attributes to be a fair and just ruler. Goddess Nebt-het was given the role of mistress of home-making… her divine purpose to protecting families and guiding wives.

But brother Set was not accepting of his role as master and guardian of the beautiful fertile lands of Kemet that border all of the magnificent Nile river. The prominent position of managing the resources of nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs; strong healthy livestock; precious elements on earth, (gold, diamonds, healing waters), was of very little interest to Set…and he would often cast his god-sized shadow over all of the land to make his feeling known.


Set believed then and now he should rightfully be king of Kemet; fully understanding the only way to get what he wants is to destroy its sitting ruler. You see, the kingdom of Kemet is a place made of great energy made possible by the magnetic bond of the divine feminine with the masculine presence. So Set’s first attempt to take the throne was to destroy the marriage of Queen Aset and King Asar.

One day, Set invited Goddess Aset to the vast and lavish palace situated on the banks of the beautiful waters of the Nile river of which he shared with his wife Goddess Nebt-het. His objective was to lead Queen Aset into private spaces to seduce her. Afterwards, Set bragged to the people of the kingdom of having an affair with the queen.

Initially King Asar was outraged at what Set had done with his wife; but was quickly assured by the Goddess Nebt-het the lie was an attempt by her husband Set to destroy the king’s marriage…breaking the bond of divine Kemetic energy, and therefore forcing the couple to leave the throne for the good of the kingdom.

When Set found out his wife had betrayed him with the truth, Set convinced himself the Goddess Nebt-het had cheated with King Asar. In retaliation to his wife, Set made an egotistical accusation to hurt Nebt-het that he believed their son Anu, (born to be master between our seen and unseen worlds), was fathered by King Asar.

Set cast a shadow over all of the kingdom that day… so dark King Asar could not see Set approaching to attack and kill him. Set buried the king’s body far from Kemetic civilization…hoping no one from the kingdom would ever find King Asur. He followed his murderous act by seizing the throne of Kemet.

But the Goddess Nebt-het worked alongside her Sis-star Aset to find Asar’s body. And the sisterhood of divine feminine energy called on the assistance of Anu to bring the king back from the unseen world before he passed through the final gate of judgment to the next life.


With King Asar back on the throne, he showed Set brotherly love and mercy in an act of wise example to the people of Kemet. But Set was extremely embarrassed and his ego burned with rage to be forced back to duties as master of the lands. So as soon as the god of shadows was given another opportunity, Set took advantage again to destroy King Asar. This time, Set dis-membered the body of King Asar into 14-pieces after killing him. As knowledgeable guardian of all the lands of Kemet, Set was empowered to quickly and easily spread the pieces over multiple far reaching places to make it near impossible for anyone to find the body.

But the Goddesses Aset and Nebt-het came together yet again using their divine feminine energy to successfully retrieve every body piece of King Asar except one. Set had thrown the phallus of King Asar into a part of the Nile frequented by the lowest energy of females…the catfish. Out of dramatic spite and jealousy, the catfish (as expected) swallowed the phallus and refused to assist the sisterhood; so that Queen Aset was never able to retrieve her husband’s last remaining body part.

But even with only 13 of the 14-pieces of King Asar’s dis-membered murdered body, the Goddess Aset was prepared to request assistance from Anu again to bring Asar back from the unseen world before passing through the final gate of judgment.


However, out of divine heart-felt compassion to protect Kemet from Set ever becoming king, the Goddess Aset consulted Tehuti, (the most learned alchemist and wise-man of majik), for an eternally lasting solution for the kingdom. Tehuti would assist in calling on the life-force energy of the ANKH to immaculately conceive a super-sun son from the bloodline of Queen Aset and King Asar. This super-sun would inherit the throne of Kemet and King Asar would complete his journey to ultimately rule our “unseen” world…judging as master to all who pass to the next life.


On a cold morning three days after the beginning of the winter solstice, the birth of a new super-sun was evident as the world witnessed His rise high in the eastern sky for everyone on earth to see. The Queen Aset crowned her son King of Kemet “Lord of the Sky” and the people called him Heru their hero.

The Sun-God revenged his father’s death but during battle, some of the beautiful homelands by the Nile were scorched…turning it into the Sahara desert. Set continues attempts to kill King Heru; but joined by the divine femiNine trinity of Queen Aset, Goddess Nebt-het and wife Goddess Het-heru, the super-sun’s Kemetic energy is more than what Set or any enemies would every be able to destroy.


So is mystory…in coming posts, I will interpret the mystery.

Ashe! And Hotep.

A Kemetic Christmas Story

A married couple semi-retired from work to spend more time studying what life is REALly about. During their first spring of freedom, Nana and Papa decided to begin a ritual of sun-gazing as a way to energize their thoughts each morning from the front porch that faced east on a northern hemisphere sky. They would set their alarm clocks each evening ensuring time enough to dress, make coffee and settle into a comfortable chair for the sun-rising event.


Some mornings it was cloudy, but mostly a clear day produced a bright perfectly round Sun-disk rising from the horizon. The couple would watch in silence and anticipation as the disk made it’s journey to the top of the sky. And each time, Nana and Papa were instantly energized in mind, body and spirit… so they considered it a REAL treat to do Sun-gazing as often as possible.


When the brightness of the Sun became too intense to look at directly, the couple knew to close their eyes as the ultra-violet light projected bright neon colors behind their eyelids…still the light feeding them with energizing warmth . Nana insisted looking at the disk always made her think of Love.


So one morning, Boss and The Brother, the couple’s multi-genius grandchildren, joined them on the porch…drinking highly diluted decaf- coffee and almond milk. Papa decided he’d asked the multi-geniuses for thoughts about the sun-gazing ritual? Boss, a pre-Kindergartener and excellent orator, briefly looked to Brother’s sparkling eyes sitting in a baby carrier. Then Boss smiled and explain to the couple, “ we’re watching father Ra coming by day right after dropping all new bright-shining stars into the dark parts of the sky.”


So, it wasn’t difficult preparing to meet the Sun-disk each morning, but it was obvious each day the journey from the horizon started later as the summer mornings moved into the fall season. Not only was the disk spending less time in the sky during the last few weeks of the year, but the couple found themselves having to reposition their chairs to face further south down the horizon. And after missing a few days of Sun-gazing, Nana and Papa found it like playing hide-and-seek to guess where the sun-journey would begin on the horizon. But there were no complaints from the patient couple giving full attention and watching as if saluting the divine.


So, on another occasion that fall when Boss and The Brother were visiting, Nana asked again of the multi-geniuses “why does it seem Ra has started coming out of darkness further down in the sky each day?” After consulting with The Brother, now able to hold his head up by himself; Boss was confident in explaining “Ra is very busy taking care of all His children; to get to everyone in the world, He starts at one side of the sky in the spring and works His way down to the other side by winter.”


So the mornings grew colder. The Sun-disk continued starting its sky journey later and later in the day until one dark morning on the porch, the couple noticed the disk didn’t seem to move any further down the horizon. The sun had decided to start its journey in the exact same spot on December 23rd as it had on December 22nd the previous day. The semi-retired couple smiled at each other…fully agreeing that everyone gets tired sometimes and needs a rest. So they were perfectly OK with the disk taking off a couple of days when they noticed the Sun-disk refused to move down the horizon yet again on December 24th.


But the next morning was something totally special. The couple didn’t change the alarm setting expecting the Sun-disk to start its journey the same time and position as the previous two days. But as Nana and Papa made their way to the porch that particular morning, bright shinning rays were already peeking through the window blinds. The Sun-disk was already high in the sky and the porch was full of more light than it had been in days. On that December 25th morning, Boss and The Brother were visiting again… so this time, the grandparents were quick to ask the multi-geniuses how the couple could have missed the morning’s journey when it seem the sun-disk had decided to come to a dead stop? And after a few reflections with The Brother, Boss replied with excitement in her voice….“Nana Papa, its Christmas, for unto us a Sun is born!”


Nana and Papa kept the experience in their hearts for future Winter Solstice/Christmas seasons to come… watching,waiting and facing the eastern sky for the spectacular event of when a Sun is Born.


~Peace, Love and Joy
to Your
Kemetic Christmas~

Dying No Matter How “Simple”

With heavy heart I post something I was introduced to last night at a lecture.

The lecturer suggested and showed images of the Great Barrier Reef and how it has been severely damaged.

If you Google the words “Great Barrier Reef”, most likely links will list about how scientist are arguing whether the reef is dying:



This posting is not to argue the dying of the reef, but rather to make the reader aware that data shows approximately 25% of the reef is no longer alive and not re-generating.

My concern is…Are we consciously polluting mother earth again AND how do we stop it?

So good or bad, uncomfortable as it is…I post someone’s evidence below I hope is not true:

Here is what a healthy reef can look like:


Here is a reef “bleached” from global warming and acidity:


Approx. three-months after “bleaching” this reef died:


If you can’t relate to something you consider as “simple” as reef…I don’t agree but I hear you.

But unfortunately, I have friends and family going through the same process (healthy/bleached/dead).

So Know the ancient Kemetic proverb, “As Above, Also Below”…we must take concern and consideration for all of mother’s (nature) children.

Love & Hotep!

The Rising and The Alignment

I’m loving the talk around how human consciousness is moving into a “New Age”…the Age of Aquarius.

I’ve noticed a definite difference in rhythmic changes on earth I’m exposed to, and how there seems to be more constructive resistance to destructive patterns. It seems more people are embracing energies that serve themselves, the planet and universal principles.


(thanks to https://goddesslight.wordpress.com/tag/mother-earth/ for the image)

Personally, I was a bit distraught (at first) when someone explained the poles of the planets, (including Earth), have shifted significantly and now my birth date horoscope of Virgo is now Leo. How do I switch from being a Sexy A-Type Overachiever to a fearless courageous lioness?  (http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/01/13/horoscope-hang-up-earth-rotation-changes-zodiac-signs/)

So in an effort to find a personal meaning of this Age of Aquarius…I decided to compare my Kemetic Studies to the song/poem “Age of Aquarius” performed by the 5th Dimension 1969:

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House” the 7th House has been described as the gaining of greater self-awareness using internal energies and then beginning to project these energies outwardly. The moon has been representative of Womanhood due to menstrual cycles that seem to align with the moon’s phases. So this could very well be poetic for the rising of the Divine Feminine???

“And Jupiter Aligns with Mars” so Mars is a messenger and Jupiter has been associated with the role “father”, “king of fathers” or basically man in a leadership role. So if Mars is alerting Jupiter of The Rising Divine Feminine; the poet may be suggesting King Father is in agreement (alignment) with the message??? Yaay

“Then Peace will Guide the Planets” – does this mean the combination of the Divine Feminine Rising and “Man’s” agreement is projected to bring peace not just to earth but all the planets in the universe? Wow, is that all that needs to happen to stop the fighting, confusion, conflict and open us all to truth, trust and joy? And interesting that the poet used the word “guide” and not just suggest there will be “Peace on Earth.”  From my recent studies (and why I don’t eat much meat lately) I’ve noticed my community to be mostly guided by Fear more than anything else. Is it possible The Rising and the Alignment will change our environment to be guided by Peace instead of Fear???

“And Love will Steer the Stars” – when I think deeply on what metaphorical association I now have with the stars…my Kemetic studies associate stars with the energy of ancestors whose souls/consciousnesses were ready to ascend to the “heavens” and begin travels to the universal source. So I might Kemetically translate…love is needed for the stars to find direction on their journey…and this can be facilitated by The Rising and The Alignment.

“This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” – is the last major announcement that makes up the primary chorus of the song. Almost as… if the previous lines in this bit of chorus are NOT satisfied; the age will never mature??? I’ve read astrologist suggest each age follows a time line of approximately 2160 years. But the poet suggests once The Rising and The Alignment is complete…its a done deal…the universe will be in the Age of Aquarius. Also note, the illustration of the zodiac sign Aquarius usually depicts water and/or the flowing of water. There are a couple of Kemetic interpretations I’ve learned of water (a) water is life; and (b) flowing water can be representative of the flow of truthful information. I will have to go down another rabbit hole on what I’ve learned about mis-information and hidden truths.


So, If we are indeed at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius…then what?

Well, I’m not here to pronounce anything or try to prove something…but seems to me the songs is suggesting that at the dawning of the age of Aquarius…the earth and all its beautiful creatures get back to being peaceful and ALL ancestors can finally fully ascend 🙂