My Neo-Kemetic Break Fast – Updated

So… sitting here eating bar-b-que chips at 10:30a; I’m compelled to update this post.  Please see changes/updates in red text as follows:


Just wanting to share a little ritual I do most every morning nowadays.

I’ve been told a healthy bio-body is one that can fast every once in a while.  Well, I fast almost everyday doing what most formally call “breakfast.”  The objective is to allow the bio-body to properly cleanse before introducing any heavy foods.

Water on plate

I once read that our digestive system wants a schedule to fully and properly cleanse in the mornings (restroom); grab nutrients during our waking hours  (mid-day to 8p); and do digesting while we are sleep.  So that  if we are eating at all times of the day; our system can get its syncronozation off and cause us distress.

Nowdays, I actually break my fast using a daily morning ritual as such:

1st – When I wake up; and before putting any thing else in my mouth… I drink at least 2-glasses of water.  One glass may be coconut water.  Drinking water is my tool for being able to fast without getting hungry until morning is over.  It is said many times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty.  So drinking the two glasses usually takes any hunger pains I have when I wake; it replenishes any hydration I need; AND it gives my body the green-light to start cleansing (by releasing my bio-wastes).  So during the early parts of the morning, I’m just drinking water, tea or coffee as part of my fasting ritual.

Coconut water

By 10a, I have used the restroom about twice (including a good bowl movement) and my bio-body may begin to ask for some nurishment.

Quick Note on Bowl Movements:  Never Strain…Drink More Water

So instead of eating any kind of processed foods between 10a and noon (or mid day); I go for a piece of fruit and/or nuts… so I’ve not formally broken my fast at this time.

I am ready to Break my Fast as close to noon (Re or  mid day) as I can.

Breakfast Bagel

But the KEY IS NEVER DIS-EASE YOURSELF.  If you want to try and Break Fast each morning; but some mornings it just doesn’t work out… Keep Kalm and try again the next day.

Eventually, my bio-body has synced up with the Break Fast; and my digestive system is feeling a lot better nowadays.

This is Just my Journey, I’m willing to share.

Lots of Light and Love, Asante Ashe.

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