Goddess Sekhmet Will Save the World

BookOneCover-FinalYes!, in my new fiction book written under the pen name indigo ptah, Goddess Sekhmet is commissioned by GodIs Aset to go back to Earth and save it from SISI (Systematic Internal Societal Illness).

I’m so excited about this book series.  I believe it might be the first written as Kemetic Mythology from a Goddess perspective in modern history.

The book is available for pre-order Kindle Version at Amazon.com.  And officially launches for download on 11/11.  I hope to have the print version ready soon.

If you are an Amazon Unlimited reader, you can get it free. Otherwise, it’s only a $2.99 purchase.

The book includes a lot I’ve learned about Kemetic Mythology… and how we can use the alchemy in real world situations.

Go here to see the 7 book novella series summaries.

Hope you enjoy reading how Goddess Sekhmet plans to get it done… by any means necessary 🙂



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