Under the Horizon – The Blue Lotus



Again, the “thought” is… that 24-hours is 24-Heru in describing the “Journey of Ra” as the Sun-God travels the cycle/circle of the seen and unseen worlds.

This blog serves as a continuation of Part 1-Heru over the Horizon.


Another aspect I learned early in my Kemetic studies is the myStory/mystery of the Blue Lotus. I don’t just believe in the mystical way the lotus plant submerges underwater each night and blooms above water each morning… because I’ve seen it happen in real time. And good thing I was able to witness the lotus rise/fall for myself because this mis-educated southern-united-states being wouldn’t have believed plants to have so much functionality let along intelligence. So now, connecting the phenomenon of the blue lotus with my inter-standing of the writings of Kemet…makes all the common sense in the world.

My philosophical statement: “Just as the blue lotus will submerge each night to the vast fluid darkness to reconnect with its source…so should the Neo-Kemite of today balance each daily cycle by using sleep to travel, re-charge, connect, communicate and release negative energy.”


Quick Summary on Ra’s Journey by Day

at-0400: Ra crosses the eastern horizon; Heru the Son/Sun-God is born again as Khepra.

a-round 1300: Heru transforms to RE at the height of the day.

a-round 1800: Heru becomes ATUM in the evening sky as Ra journeys to cross the western horizon.

Once across the western horizon…we/Ra journey along with the blue lotus to the unseen world(s).

a-round 2200 Heru:
-sleep deepens;
-the heart must release rings of negative Ka for healthy, productive and safe travels through the unseen world;
-avatars begin travel back to the mother ship.

a-round 0000 Heru:
-avatars dock to the mother ship for re-charging;
-the spirit/soul fully connects to Source;
-inter-dimensional travels begin;
-acacia records revealed;
-messages and transmissions relayed;
-astral travel.


‘at 0400 Heru:
-disconnect from Source;
-avatars return to earthly missions;
-a rise in solar energy experienced in the bio-body by Ra crossing the eastern horizon;
-optimum time to start meditating and meet with the ancestors.


And so the cycle/circle of Coming Forth by Day starts over where each earthly being is given a new opportunity to start life again.

Much Love, Peace and Balance.