Heru Above the Horizon

Early in my seeking, I started seeing parabolas.  Today, after sun gazing, this transmission came to me…part1:

The Cycle of 1-Day (24hours=24Horus=24Heru) IS Comming Forth by Day…(for North American Central Standard Times)

‘at: the right-balance of the word Ma’at
a-round: “a” stands for the beginning



‘at 0400 Heru:
-disconnect from Source;
-a rise in solar energy is experienced by RA crossing the eastern horizon;
-optimum time to start meditating and meet with the ancestors;

a-round 0600 Heru:
-rising of energy begins to level off along the parabola path (Ptah);
-gates to the ancestors closing;

a-round 1000 Heru:
-body ready to break-fast;
-before this horus only intake water and fruit;

a-round 1300 Heru:
-rise in solar energy is complete;
-full coming forth of the Sun/RE

a-round 2200 Heru:
-fall in energy is experienced by RA crossing the western horizon;

I’m hoping to expand on this transmission, but I’ve already started a new blog/part2 “Under the Horizon: The Blue Lotus”

Peace, Love, Balance



My 11 Kemetic Medicines

Health is Wealth


It’s logically obvious the AfroAmerican, Indigenous-American, Melanated-American is Not the same as everyone else. And this is Not an unnatural circumstance. Diversity in nature IS the fabric of our universe.

My uniqueness is evident by examination…(smile) I have more melanin in my skin than some others. By accepting the differences of AfroPeople, I’m able to better understand illness such as Post-Traumatic-Slavery-Symptoms (depression to aggression to psychosis); Culture Disconnection (un-stable community); and Unconscious Existence Disorder (striving to be more American than Afro and indigenous).


My Kemetic studies provide a path with medicines for healing most of the dis-ease AfroAmerican people are experiencing today. Most of the medicine is based on the over-standing natural purpose to be true to self…even if this means being “Not the Same.” So here are a few medicines I Now prescribe to on the path of wellness:

0. Peace & Balance:

-By asking myself during stressful situations if I’m spinning aimlessly toward things that don’t matter;
-Acknowledging what my heart and gut are telling me using intuition;
-Preparing for sleep at night for a good connection with The Source;
-Staying aligned with the principles of Ma’at (balance);
-Rejecting the interpretation of “perfect”;
-Forgiving myself;
-OverStanding excessive/extreme things/situations are unbalancing;
-Striving for a less stressful environment.
Peace and balance are my medicine.


1. Nutrients:

-By eating foods that provide nutrition such as organic fruits and vegetables compatible with my bio-system;
-Not relying on synthetic vitamins/supplements/drugs;
-Flushing my system each morning by drinking ph-balanced water as soon as I wake up and not breaking-my-fast (breakfast) until at least 10:00am;
-Not eating the fear of any animal;
I am well when I get nutrients…My food is my medicine.

2. Natural Hygiene:

-By acknowledging my body is the temple of my soul and should be clean;
-Not accepting others germs as always OK;
-Returning to Source (night sleep) each night clean;
-Replacing essential oils to my skin using black soap and organic butters;
-Minimizing synthetics touching my skin in make-up, hair products, deodorants and clothes made of non-organic materials;
-Not taking hot showers and inhaling toxic fumes from the hot water;
-Only putting things on my skin, I put in my mouth;
I live in a toxic environment…my hygiene is my medicine.


3. The Sun:

-By using my highly melanated skin to absorb the sun’s elements;
-Consciously attempting to get at least 2-hours of sunlight a day;
-Sun-gazing whenever I can.
I am made of star-stuff…The Sun is my medicine.

4. Exercise:

-Being gentle in movement to keep oxygen flowing through my body;
-Practicing yoga to yoke the body with the mind and spirit;
-Taking long walks with the dog in nature to serve another being;
-Reading diverse content to exercise my mind;
-Blogging to exercise thinking for myself (philosophy).
Exercise of body and mind is my medicine.


5. Spirit:

-Being dedicated to nurture my infinite soul;
-Indulging in philosophies that serve me;
-Practicing reverence to elements that guide, protect and serve me;
My spirituality is my medicine.

6. Discipline & Responsibility:

-Joining in truth to principles of natural law;
-Rejecting chaos;
-Refusing abusive ways in technology, artificial intelligence and energy systems;
-Careful of entertainment programming;
-Respectful of all naturally created things;
-Committed to provide for, protect and be of service to all my creations;
-Supporting the future of the unified AfroCommunity;
Order and standards are important…discipline and responsibility are my medicine.


7. Respect

-By recognizing and rejecting racism; sexism, class-ism, de-humanization, and animal/plant/planet abuse;
-Acknowledging and accepting the matriarchal system designed for mother earth;
-ReMembering principles of divine feminine for healing;
-Appreciating and supporting the masculine presence;
-Honoring ancestors, elders, SiStars and the warriors;
Respecting true members of the AfroCommunity is my medicine.

8. Self-Control

-By not participating in control mechanisms exerted by forceful individuals, government agency/policy, containment facilities and other institutions;
-Rejecting harmful stress to my mind and body;
-Moving forward to stay as stress free as possible.
Self-control is my medicine.

9. Seeking

-By acknowledging I don’t know everything;
-Looking for answers using My truth;
-Satisfied I will always be learning;
-Rejecting negative, confusing and conflicting programming;
-Excited that everyday I’m different as is the world.
Seeking is my medicine.


10. Common Sense

-By using Kemetic consciousness;
-Questioning science that is actually theory;
-Relying on evidence and logic to make sense of things.
-By appreciating my earthly experience;
-Spending time with quality, healthy, REAL people;
-Serving and sharing with all of nature;
-Yoking with my spiritual ancestors;
-Constantly looking for the energy of love in everything.
Common sense is my medicine.

I sincerely hope all of creation feel empowered to find the medicines that can ultimately make them be well and stay well. Here are 11 of mine to share with you.

Lots of Love and Light…Hotep.