GodIs Coffee


11 Hotep 11

This recipe is for anyone who embraces integrating Kemetic practices into everything they do…even making coffee 🙂

Hazelnut Vanilla coffee
Distilled water
Organic Honey
Almond Milk
Organic Cacao dark chocolate
Coffee brewer, filter, etc.
Colorful ceramic coffee cup

The Practice:

1.Brew your favorite brand of Hazelnut Vanilla coffee in distilled water.  The hazelnut re-minds of the beautiful colors in the pigment of Her skin; vanilla re-presents sensual flavor of Her essence; distilled water is purposely created for purity…just like the Goddess.

2.Once the coffee is freshly brewed, pour into a colorful (vibrating) ceramic cup (or anything made of natural materials). Counting out loud from 0 to 8, pour honey into the cup.  Counting to eight during the pour activates the sacred number for eternity. The honey re-minds of the Queen Bee…Her role and Her royalty in the hive.  

3.Stir the coffee honey mixture 42 times while reflecting on the 42 affirmations of Ma’at.  Don’t worry about remembering each affirmation while stirring… maybe read the list (link here if you need) while brewing the coffee and then just meditate while stirring.  Be sure to relax knees and shoulders during the practice.

4.While the coffee is still hot, drop a small square of dark chocolate into the cup to melt.  Chocolate is to help raise vibrations (smile).

5.Lastly, bless the mixture with 3-drops of almond milk.  The almond milk re-minds of mother nature’s milk (fruit of the tree).  Three drops activate the sacred number for the Trinity…mother, father, child.

Find a soothing or sacred space to enjoy the coffee…try to stay in the moment.  

Imagine your Ka enjoying the special treat you made from loving hands and the GodIs spirit.

11 Hotep 11