I Choose You Choose

So during meditation one morning, I began to seriously ask myself…”what is the end-game? is there an ultimate goal of all this Kemetic study?” Here are the notes that came to me:

1stly – ACKNOWLEDGE I participate in beliefs, programming and systems that don’t serve me.  In my studies, I’m constantly reminded I have CHOICE for the path I will journey.  I ‘ve also learned I must be able to identify any systems, beliefs, and programming before being able to acknowledge them.


2ndly – DECIDE to leave  any systems, beliefs and programming that doesn’t serve me…and fully interstand why.  Once I overstand why to leave…I will have chosen a lifestyle.

3rdly- STOP PARTICIPATING in systems beliefs and programming that don’t serve me. Again, only with identification, acknowledgment and decision can this objective become progressive.


4thly- Stay Focused on TRUTH as opposed to over indulgence in emotion and entertainment.

5thly- LIVE TRUTH as opposed to looking for a leader.  The TRUTH is always in plain sight when we walk (a) in nature; (b) as humans; (c) thinking with our hearts; (d) using brains to process common sense.


6thly- SHARE my journey just in case it can help someone else along their path.

7thly-SUSTAIN a way to living the life I choose.  Most of us have been trained to live in a certain manner.

For me, (as of this postings), the FINAL ANALYSIS is…I choose to experience this physical existence with as much “Natural Life” as I “Humanly” can “Choose.”



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