A Kemetic Christmas Story

A married couple semi-retired from work to spend more time studying what life is REALly about. During their first spring of freedom, Nana and Papa decided to begin a ritual of sun-gazing as a way to energize their thoughts each morning from the front porch that faced east on a northern hemisphere sky. They would set their alarm clocks each evening ensuring time enough to dress, make coffee and settle into a comfortable chair for the sun-rising event.


Some mornings it was cloudy, but mostly a clear day produced a bright perfectly round Sun-disk rising from the horizon. The couple would watch in silence and anticipation as the disk made it’s journey to the top of the sky. And each time, Nana and Papa were instantly energized in mind, body and spirit… so they considered it a REAL treat to do Sun-gazing as often as possible.


When the brightness of the Sun became too intense to look at directly, the couple knew to close their eyes as the ultra-violet light projected bright neon colors behind their eyelids…still the light feeding them with energizing warmth . Nana insisted looking at the disk always made her think of Love.


So one morning, Boss and The Brother, the couple’s multi-genius grandchildren, joined them on the porch…drinking highly diluted decaf- coffee and almond milk. Papa decided he’d asked the multi-geniuses for thoughts about the sun-gazing ritual? Boss, a pre-Kindergartener and excellent orator, briefly looked to Brother’s sparkling eyes sitting in a baby carrier. Then Boss smiled and explain to the couple, “ we’re watching father Ra coming by day right after dropping all new bright-shining stars into the dark parts of the sky.”


So, it wasn’t difficult preparing to meet the Sun-disk each morning, but it was obvious each day the journey from the horizon started later as the summer mornings moved into the fall season. Not only was the disk spending less time in the sky during the last few weeks of the year, but the couple found themselves having to reposition their chairs to face further south down the horizon. And after missing a few days of Sun-gazing, Nana and Papa found it like playing hide-and-seek to guess where the sun-journey would begin on the horizon. But there were no complaints from the patient couple giving full attention and watching as if saluting the divine.


So, on another occasion that fall when Boss and The Brother were visiting, Nana asked again of the multi-geniuses “why does it seem Ra has started coming out of darkness further down in the sky each day?” After consulting with The Brother, now able to hold his head up by himself; Boss was confident in explaining “Ra is very busy taking care of all His children; to get to everyone in the world, He starts at one side of the sky in the spring and works His way down to the other side by winter.”


So the mornings grew colder. The Sun-disk continued starting its sky journey later and later in the day until one dark morning on the porch, the couple noticed the disk didn’t seem to move any further down the horizon. The sun had decided to start its journey in the exact same spot on December 23rd as it had on December 22nd the previous day. The semi-retired couple smiled at each other…fully agreeing that everyone gets tired sometimes and needs a rest. So they were perfectly OK with the disk taking off a couple of days when they noticed the Sun-disk refused to move down the horizon yet again on December 24th.


But the next morning was something totally special. The couple didn’t change the alarm setting expecting the Sun-disk to start its journey the same time and position as the previous two days. But as Nana and Papa made their way to the porch that particular morning, bright shinning rays were already peeking through the window blinds. The Sun-disk was already high in the sky and the porch was full of more light than it had been in days. On that December 25th morning, Boss and The Brother were visiting again… so this time, the grandparents were quick to ask the multi-geniuses how the couple could have missed the morning’s journey when it seem the sun-disk had decided to come to a dead stop? And after a few reflections with The Brother, Boss replied with excitement in her voice….“Nana Papa, its Christmas, for unto us a Sun is born!”


Nana and Papa kept the experience in their hearts for future Winter Solstice/Christmas seasons to come… watching,waiting and facing the eastern sky for the spectacular event of when a Sun is Born.


~Peace, Love and Joy
to Your
Kemetic Christmas~


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