The Rising and The Alignment

I’m loving the talk around how human consciousness is moving into a “New Age”…the Age of Aquarius.

I’ve noticed a definite difference in rhythmic changes on earth I’m exposed to, and how there seems to be more constructive resistance to destructive patterns. It seems more people are embracing energies that serve themselves, the planet and universal principles.


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Personally, I was a bit distraught (at first) when someone explained the poles of the planets, (including Earth), have shifted significantly and now my birth date horoscope of Virgo is now Leo. How do I switch from being a Sexy A-Type Overachiever to a fearless courageous lioness?  (

So in an effort to find a personal meaning of this Age of Aquarius…I decided to compare my Kemetic Studies to the song/poem “Age of Aquarius” performed by the 5th Dimension 1969:

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House” the 7th House has been described as the gaining of greater self-awareness using internal energies and then beginning to project these energies outwardly. The moon has been representative of Womanhood due to menstrual cycles that seem to align with the moon’s phases. So this could very well be poetic for the rising of the Divine Feminine???

“And Jupiter Aligns with Mars” so Mars is a messenger and Jupiter has been associated with the role “father”, “king of fathers” or basically man in a leadership role. So if Mars is alerting Jupiter of The Rising Divine Feminine; the poet may be suggesting King Father is in agreement (alignment) with the message??? Yaay

“Then Peace will Guide the Planets” – does this mean the combination of the Divine Feminine Rising and “Man’s” agreement is projected to bring peace not just to earth but all the planets in the universe? Wow, is that all that needs to happen to stop the fighting, confusion, conflict and open us all to truth, trust and joy? And interesting that the poet used the word “guide” and not just suggest there will be “Peace on Earth.”  From my recent studies (and why I don’t eat much meat lately) I’ve noticed my community to be mostly guided by Fear more than anything else. Is it possible The Rising and the Alignment will change our environment to be guided by Peace instead of Fear???

“And Love will Steer the Stars” – when I think deeply on what metaphorical association I now have with the stars…my Kemetic studies associate stars with the energy of ancestors whose souls/consciousnesses were ready to ascend to the “heavens” and begin travels to the universal source. So I might Kemetically translate…love is needed for the stars to find direction on their journey…and this can be facilitated by The Rising and The Alignment.

“This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” – is the last major announcement that makes up the primary chorus of the song. Almost as… if the previous lines in this bit of chorus are NOT satisfied; the age will never mature??? I’ve read astrologist suggest each age follows a time line of approximately 2160 years. But the poet suggests once The Rising and The Alignment is complete…its a done deal…the universe will be in the Age of Aquarius. Also note, the illustration of the zodiac sign Aquarius usually depicts water and/or the flowing of water. There are a couple of Kemetic interpretations I’ve learned of water (a) water is life; and (b) flowing water can be representative of the flow of truthful information. I will have to go down another rabbit hole on what I’ve learned about mis-information and hidden truths.


So, If we are indeed at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius…then what?

Well, I’m not here to pronounce anything or try to prove something…but seems to me the songs is suggesting that at the dawning of the age of Aquarius…the earth and all its beautiful creatures get back to being peaceful and ALL ancestors can finally fully ascend 🙂



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