Honor Life

SoulOpenedUpBookOne Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Phase VI Commentaries

This commentary of days opened with a revelation for me to stop expecting God to show-up when every essence of God is already within me. Life includes growing, outgrowing and removing limitations.

The author gives a great short list of why we make mistakes in life. Things such as:  defiance, misunderstandings, defeats, acting outside my role, confusion, simply not honoring life.

To Honor Life is also to be willing to grow by learning AND outgrowing what is Not serving us.

Day 35 – Honor Life with … Balance

Balance can begin when we start to honor ourselves by who we are and Not by what we do.

We are: roles, purpose and contributions.

What we do are: jobs, assignments, projects, expectations, achievements and competitions.

Rather…Balance embraces self-value and self-worth.

Be a student of life…taking multiple paths that serve you well of what life has to offer.







Day 36 – Honor Life with…Expansion

Expansion begins when we start growing beyond where we already are…growing beyond limits others have set for us.

Our full potential can be found when we start being all we can fully be.

Searching for every bit already within us can be the beginning of divine expansion: inter-standing truth; experiencing joy; demonstrating love.


Day 37 – Honor Life with…Gratitude

Gratitude can be acknowledgment, recognition and appreciation.

One way of attracting what you want…is to be grateful for what you have.

Something simple to be grateful for… thankful to be Awake and have a Consciousness.

Day 38 – Honor Life with…Order

With Divine Order comes:
-universal harmony
-personal alignment
-perfect and timely manifestations
-proper placement


Know That…”our steps are ordered by our choices”
But a Clear, Open Mind…will lead to an Orderly Environment
And…order flows from preparing the mind.

Day 39 – Honor Life with…Joy

Know That…”Joy is Not Happiness”

Joy is a certain well-being that comes from internal freedom and spiritual truth.

Happiness is external, temporal and mostly emotional.

Joy can bring Happiness; but happiness doesn’t necessarily bring joy.

Joy transcends external and physical experiences and emphasizes the freedom of choice.

Joy provides a strength that guides, protects, sustains and can become your salvation.

Day 40 – Honor Life with…Unconditional Love

There is only 1 Love…fearless and conditioned for loving self and others no matter what!


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