Honor Your Process

SoulOpenedUpBookOne Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Phase V Honor Your Process

One important thing to adopt from this phase is…The Process, Your Process is by Grace.

The Process can prepare You for achievement or disappointment.

Even though the desire may be for achievement, the process may set You on a “curved path” because you’re just not yet ready for the “straight on” experience.

Therefore, Honor Your Process.

Below are commentaries on how to honor specific processes:

Day 31 – Honor Your Process with … Authenticity

My personal feelings make me who I am…they make me unique.

I should never compare my feelings to anything else…they are mine for my process.

Being authentic allows me to be as divine as I was created to be.

Day 32 – Honor Your Process with…Patience


Patience comes from Faith —-> that leads to Trust.

Trust comes from Truth!

Because we don’t know everything working in divine order…we must “Trust the Truth”

Patience is allowing yourself to bend while trusting you won’t break. This involves remembering things happen in Divine time.

To Honor Your Patience…Know That you are in the right place at the right time for the right reason doing what you are suppose to be doing. Then wait for acknowledgment on the right thing to do next 🙂


Day 33 – Honor Your Process with…Faith

Faith is Knowing spiritual laws.

Spiritual Laws are Not based on belief…Spiritual Laws serve you in truth.

Otherwise, if someone is giving you a belief system that isn’t serving you…this is evidence the belief system isn’t a Spiritual Law within your faith process.

However, for “Living Faith” to serve you…you must surrender:
-your will to control things

If you are in search of Spirit…Faith ignites Divine Spirit.

Day 34 – Honor Your Process with…Discipline


1st — Discipline is Doing

To have discipline, we must love ourselves enough to want to do things of value correctly in divine time (when needed).

Discipline diminishes stress while building character.

You want disciple because its rewards include: value, trust, willingness and choice.