Phase IV – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up Commentaries

Honor Your Feelings…

SoulOpenedUpBookSome where along our path, some of us were taught NOT to trust our feelings. Maybe our loved ones taught us this in fear our guilt or shame would take over. However, I agree with the author in that strong adverse emotions can be an expression that something is out-of-balance…the emotion trying to release an energy to fix it?

On my latest journey, I’ve learned a lot about how imbalances affect us in unwanted ways. I know now that when I have an imbalance in any aspect of Me, things get chaotic and the ONLY way to get things functioning correctly again is to find a way to balance again.

I’ve found yoga and meditation can be really supportive in finding balance when I get angry, sad or depressed. So that, I honor my feelings with balance.

Below are commentaries on specific feelings I’m learning to honor:

Day 23 – When You Feel… Angry

Some categorize anger as the result of frustration but it can also be driven by passion. It is easy for me to see that when I get really passionate about “getting something to go my way”; the next emotion I feel is frustration that left unaddressed becomes anger.

Addressing the journey of passionate-to-frustration emotions, I must remember to check my ego…why does my selfish self want this to happen so badly this way???

Day 24 – When You Feel…Confusion

confused-african-american-manI’m in agreement my confusion is a direct response to Fear. It’s easy for me to get confused when I’m afraid I’m not right; when I start questioning things (self-doubt) or don’t want to be truthful about something.

Confusion creates more chaos in my life than anything else because its a conflicting-energy that gets out of control. Confusion can paralyze your thoughts.

The Fix: I get “quiet” to listen to what is REAL about what I’m trying to do…stop being deterred from what I’m meant to do/be…and not settle for less.

Day 25 – When You Feel…Disappointed

From here on, when I feel disappointed, I will first try to check and make sure my disappointment is not an expectation of someone else.

It’s probably a pretty impossible life to live through someone else by expecting them to do what you want them to do.

I think rather than being disappointed in others…use the energy to go after what I want myself.

“Not everything is meant for you.” I have to ask myself…am I disappointed about something that I didn’t even need???


Day 26 – When You Feel…Doubt


Here are some hard and fast facts about doubt:

  1. Doubt is the opposite of Trust!..which is a spiritual weakness.
  2. Truth does Not change; and doubt is forgetting the reliance on the truth.
  3. The main ingredient of doubt is fear.
  4. Worry is control-based doubt.

So here is a fix: AFFIRM TRUTH = stop worrying and accept the “Natural” progression of things because we don’t know the Divine purpose. Instead, grow using your expectation-energy.

Day 27 – When You Feel…Fear

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

You will Not find Love in the same instance of fear.

Fear usually comes from the separation of the Divine/Love…and is usually invoked by ego.

A Fix: be so rooted in Divine Love when difficulties come you can bend and not break (into an emotion of fear).

Day 28 – When You Feel…Guilt

A great definition of guilt is: “learned emotion that you have done something wrong and need someone’s approval”

Guilt is an energy that can paralyze someone into another toxic energy…Shame.

Guilt makes you feel powerless and therefore you become a victim.

Some Fixes:

a. confess what you feel badly about and move on;

b. stop beating yourself up;

c.  empower yourself with truth.


Day 29 – When You Feel…Lonely

The author expresses Loneliness as an Anxiety from fear that companionship is being withheld; then you have this urgency to get companionship without first understanding what the loneliness is all about.

An inter-standing we should have about loneliness is: There is plenty of love in this world.


Some fixes to loneliness:

  1. Open (or reopen) your heart to love someone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to love someone.
  3. Make the conscious choice to be free in who you love.
  4. Know that giving something up to be happy with someone doesn’t have to jeopardize your survival.

Day 30 – When You Feel…Unappreciated

Know that…we should never do things for others with an expectation of being rewarded. Instead, only do things of Self Value. And when you find it hard to do it for yourself…do it as a Divine act that will support love in the universe.