Eat to Live Neo-Kemetically

Fresh Pineapple and Rice Breakfast Bowl


On the morning I decided to create this breakfast bowl, I wanted to eat a pineapple I’d purchased¬†and refrigerated some days ago; but because my acid reflux hasn’t completely healed yet, I’m always trying to find a way to eat citrus fruit without upsetting the tummy.
So I figured I’d compliment the pineapple with some left over brown rice and balance the acid with the alkalinity of decaf hazelnut coffee. (quite the alchemist right?)

Since becoming a conscious vegetarian, and it being too hot and humid to want oatmeal; I’ve mostly eaten banana and nuts for breakfast in an effort to stay away from processed cold cereals.

So I put together this breakfast bowl and love it so much… decided to blog about it.

Here is what I used:
-two finger full grabs of pineapple chunks cut from a whole pineapple;
-left over brown rice from a previous meal;
-half a handful of raw almonds;
-handful of raw walnuts;
-tablespoon of raw chia seeds:
-tablespoon of margarine;
-two tablespoons of brown sugar.

To prepare my pineapple chunks:
-first washed the entire outside of the fruit before cutting on a cutting board;
-used a large knife to cut the top and bottom off;
-standing the remaining pineapple up horizontally, cut downward the fruit in half and then quarters;
-carved the yellow fruit from the quarters;
-discarded everything but the yellow carved-out fruit;
-washed the yellow fruit, diced and stored what not using in the refrigerator.

Washing the nuts:
I measured out the almonds and walnuts into a strainer to rinse over water. It is my experience water brings a certain flavor to raw almonds and walnuts even if the nuts are already clean. (Holy water right?)

Constructing the Breakfast Bowl:
-in the breakfast bowl, warmed the refrigerated left over brown rice for 40-seconds in the microwave until slightly warm enough to melt the margarine;
-mixed in the margarine, brown sugar and chia seeds;
-added the water-washed nuts to the bowl;
-topped the bowl with my fresh pineapple chunks;

My Neo-Kemetic benefits:
Pineapple: named for nurturing the pineal gland, activates the 1st-eye.
Raw Almonds: for vitamins that nurture my other two eyes.
Raw Walnuts: emulates brain matter to assist in memory of my purpose.
Chia Seeds: brings on the black dot metaphor of cosmic transference of energy.
Brown Sugar: reminds me the sweetness of color made soft by the margarine.
Brown Rice: the starch staple to make a vegetarian feel full, strong and powerful.

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And…I might try this recipe again by preparing at night and allowing to refrigerate for a cold and refreshing breakfast on a hot humid morning.