Phase III – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up Commentaries

Phase III of the book speaks to honoring others and I realized a lot about how we sometimes go straight to judgmental-mode when we think we are “Helping.”


For instance Prayers:  what I’m inter-standing is that The Divine will honor the prayers of the Self over the prayers of others for that Self.  So that, we must honor what ever that Self is praying for over what we want for that Self.

One of the hardest things to do (especially as a loving-protecting parent) is to NOT expect others to live up to our expectations.  The Divine honors the choice of the Self.

Again I mention:  Freedom = to choose who you are; what you believe; and how you will live.


Day 17 – 22 in comments to this post.

Peace – Justice- Harmony


7 thoughts on “Phase III – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up Commentaries

  1. Day 17 – Honor Others with BOUNDARIES

    Friends Are For:
    -having fun
    -encouraging and being encouraged

    Friends Are Not For:
    -providing basic needs (feeding, clothing, loaning money, health responsibilities, etc.)
    -competitive business dealings

    We cannot help others with their own self-destruction.

    When we help others by supporting their weaknesses…is it because it makes us feel stronger???


  2. Day 18 – Honor Others With.,..COMPASSION

    When giving…make sure to give of The Divine energy given to you…Give Life.

    If you don’t have any Divine Energy to give…get some first.

    Compassion is seeing the lesson, blessing and victory in the end.

    Be careful, to attempt to help when you have not yet mastered your own personal power can lead to your own energy depletion. The real goal is a Win-Win for you and them.

    To give to yourself is Strengthening…to give to others is Empowering.


  3. Day 19 – Honor Others with…CLOSURE

    “What you repress will bring you stress” – Iyalna Vanzant

    Let go of everything that doesn’t Divinely serve you.

    Close the you can enter the next opened one.


  4. Day 20 – Honor Others with…NON-JUDGEMENT

    Be open to all experiences including those of the past without interjecting personal perspectives.

    Anger can lead to fear; and fear can lead to judgement. Sometimes people do things out of fear, shame and guilt.

    A person without Love is afraid.

    No Right, No Wrong, Just is what it is.

    So take conditions off your love.


  5. Day 21 – Honor Others with…FORGIVENESS

    Forgiveness can be releasing a thought or emotion to allow change.

    You must give-up what you don’t want to get what you do want. There is not enough room for both.

    How do we know when it is time to forgive? When we are feeling any kind of discomfort, it is time to forgive.

    Why Forgive…because The Divine has always forgiven me.

    Forgive Others And Forgive Yourself.


  6. Day 22 – Honor Others with…SERVICE

    Service = unselfish giving without expectation of reward or recognization.

    If you hate what you are doing, this is not a service. Service requires love and love doesn’t exist anywhere there is hate.

    Service and Poverty cannot co-exist.

    Where there is Divine Service, there is Divine Survival.


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