Honor Yourself With CONSERVATION

From the book “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up – Day 13” authored by the beautiful woman Iyanla Vanzant.


This day’s commentaries really spoke something special to me because I’m a person who tries to battling with time…thinking I can plan things to happen just when I’d like them to.  But what I’m realizing is…no matter what I plan, life can NEVER be RUSHED. Everything always gets done in Divine time.

Somehow, I had convinced myself that Not Being Busy equated to Laziness (or rather was programmed).  But on the contrary, for a (former) Type-A person like me; personal Conservation  is hard work in that it means “always keeping something for yourself”.

Personal conversation should not be mistaken for greed; but rather that we are a natural resource to this earth.  We are meant to contribute, but we can’t if we don’t conserve.

After reading this day’s commentary, I realize I should stop fighting to give away my knowledge and service and conserve it for those worthy.  Yeah Me 🙂

Now I consider Conservation of mind, body and spirit as a relaxing method for self healing that includes nurturing myself by slowing down; simplifying and finding patience.