Simply Greed

In my personal search for understanding the ancient mysteries, I’ve begun readings on the value of simplicity.

What I’m learning is… “Greed is a major cause of problems in society”; while some believe Greed is simply natural.

Either way, here is my philosophy on the subject:


For the pretext of this blog, I’d like to first insist *Greed is Not from the devil or created by evil forces.* On the contrary, this writing explains Greed is a complex chosen lifestyle.

So for considering efforts to rid Greed from my lifestyle…or anyone just wanting to know how to identify Greed; the points below might be worth reading and taking seriously.

My straight forward definition of Greed is, Greed is the result of a person or entity taking more than they need.

Often, Greed is the result of competition. Competition is learned from game and role-playing. Sometimes what seems like an innocent game of hide-and-seek can be as competitive as the board game Monopoly. The major problem with competition/contests/winning is it produces anxiety that can lead to depression. Depression can make one feel they need things and encourage/justify a lifestyle of Greed.

And so the vicious cycle begins:

Greed Cycle

To Stop Greed?

  • Lower Consumption: Only acquire things needed and never take more because one person’s surplus is another-one’s lack. Clearly identifying personal needs over artificial wants. Don’t replace good-working-functional items with newer things… having no real justification (other than marketing/advertising/competition). Things don’t bring “real” change to real lives; things only accumulate. And having too much of anything can make one “believe” they are better because someone else has less. Learning to live with less can be the beginning to “Live” more.
  • Minimize Shopping: Don’t use shopping for entertainment or to fix a problem. Find ways to minimize shopping for “personal needs” like using the internet for drop shipments or sticking to a “Needs Only List.” Minimizing shopping time will return valuable opportunities with family, nurturing the body, “real” enjoyment activities like singing, dancing, watching quality video, meditating or napping.
  • Eliminate Competitive Roles and/or Gaming: Even Win-Win activities perpetuate the illusion of gaining something from nothing. When Greed is not a part of a scenario, there is well enough to fulfill all needs…and no rationale to create anxiety from competition. In this case, athletes play for fun never keeping score; no one gets hurt and everyone gets a satisfied workout. Games should be treated as an opportunity to be creative (to give); not to take. Without Greed, no one is compared to anyone else for contest or winning.
  • Avoid The Giving Trap: Giving should only be exercised when too much was taken. Giving schemes can make people take more than needed to feel “good” about giving. This is “circular thinking”; it doesn’t satisfy the soul. Simply and effectively “give” by NOT taking more than needed….simple.
  • Ecocentric Ethic over the Egocentric Lifestyle: With an ecocentric lifestyle, love, respect, and staying in touch with nature is the considerate result for everything else needing planet resources. It includes being thankful to mother nature when taking from her. Selfish destruction of our planet stops when everyone makes the choice to start treating the earth with consideration for everyone else who lives on it.

So in summary, here is a quick outline how to begin taking Greed out of my lifestyle:

  1. study and practice living simply;
  2. make quantum attempts to live in harmony with everything/everyone;
  3. be grateful for everything I already have and the supply of only my personal needs;
  4. treat everything/everyone with the same wondrous respect;
  5. find ways to celebrate life often;
  6. stay in touch with nature because it is Real and Life Changing (opposed to man-made comforts and conveniences);
  7. seek ways to nurture my life-force…things that encourage a healthy, happy and productive Me.

Why take Greed out of my lifestyle?

For the Love of My Soul…that’s why 🙂

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