Star-Seeds, Indigo, Crystals and Rainbows…Oh My

Just wanting to post what I’ve recently learned about the kinds of awaken beings mentioned lately…you my find yourself or one of your children fit right in.

starseeds STAR-SEEDS
It was very enlightening to realize “star-seeds” are just as the name described; they come from the stars or another dimension.  For those who believe in reincarnation; it is understood star-seeds are not from earth (the 3rd dimension) and have no KA from previous lives.  Star-seeds exhibit personas not always common to earth-people.  Besides their unusual ways, star-seeds totally enjoy looking up into the sky day or night.

The rebellious personalities of indigos fit their warrior-like spirit with identified purpose to breakdown outdated illusionary systems.  Indigo can’t be lied to or manipulated because they question and test everything.  This group is often misdiagnosed with anxious mental illnesses because they are highly sensitive and harness special energies.  I would suggest most highly-melanin hue-mans are probably indigo.  The aura of indigo is said to be a deep blue to purple color.

Crystals have an identified purpose of repairing and healing the world.  They are very forgiving and don’t fight, but powerful enough to see into the soul of those trying to take advantage of them.  Crystals are great at raising the frequencies of others while operating in the 6th to 9th dimensions with ease.  The aura of a crystal is golden giving a crystal-like color.

Many Indigo and Crystals are also identified as Rainbows with multi-ray auras and easily traveling to the 9th dimension.  They operate as a happy collective excited to be on earth and are drawn to colors.  It is said they are easy to bully.  Rainbows also have no previous KA because they have never experienced a reincarnation… making them very sensitive to earth’s nature and creatures.


So there you have it…if you are like me and keep hearing these terms as I keep learning of the universe’s beautiful beings, maybe this posting will help you distinguish the attributes now.

Stay  Human -> Hotep