Makings for a Modern Frankenstein Monster the theory


I’m in no way trained to psychoanalyze humans.  However, I am an experienced professional analyst of systems…and based on my IT skill-sets for logic with new found consciousness;  I better understand what makes me Human.

  1.  Love
  2. Balance
  3. Consciousness

To understand My humanity, I’ve also done a theory on How to Make a  Modern-Day Monster:

1st.  Born Into Monster Paradigm (Dimension)
Studies show babies will develop a heart before a brain and when their brains begin to form their pineal glands are healthy.  Therefore, babies are not born with the propensity to be monsters.

2nd.  Monsterious Integration
From what I’m observing about my present environment, a young child will immediately become integrated in the following monsterious interactions:

  • Mis-Education – most education (by design) is driven by a primary agenda.  Mis-education is an effort to teach wrong knowledge for desired affect (test taking).
  • Monsterious Programming – is a deliberate strategy with high potential for a desired effect.  This differs from mis-education in promoting a more intensive/aggressive effort for desired results.  As with any programming, this must be reiterated early and often.
  • Drama – inundation of illusionary instances…so much that the illusions impact emotion and sensory perception.
  • Trauma & Abuse – a whole person lives in a health-balance environment.  When hurtful situations are presented, balance is thrown off and health will suffer. Trauma can come in physical instances from car accidents to being attacked by a monster.  I define abuse as the repetition of traumatic events.
  • Stress & Guilt – usually unconscious in nature, but definitely Real.
  • Isolation from the Sun – the Sun is the only natural resource for energy.  Humans need energy for health and balance.

3rd.  Creation of the Monster
Below are some examples of how the monster begins its transformation from human:

  • Religion – even some religious organizations are preaching against “religion” because of its horrid history.
  • Monsterious Parents/Guardians – humans and animals tends to develop based on their environment.
  • Lack of Justice – unhealthy actions that go unchecked are components of the development of a monster.
  • Media Propaganda – the media can be anything from artistic productions to knowledge based distributions; however, when these formats are used to promote a single agenda, propaganda feeds the  monster.
  • Corporate Slavery – humans giving away their resources (time, talent, creativity) called “working” to try and get things  that have been corporately planned for them.
  • Poor Health – once a human becomes unbalanced by monsterious interactions, their physical, mental and spiritual health will suffer.
  • Lack of Nature – this includes manipulation of the opportunity to spend time with pure nature;  attempts to control weather; contamination of needed elements like air, water and food; and repression to act in natural ways.

Then.  Evidence of the Monster
After considering the above, here is how I suggest I can identify the monster:

  • Lack of Self Control – a monster will act automatically to impulses, emotions and impacts.  Because of the monster’s perception of the world, these auto-reactions will be very selfish and potentially destructive such as road-rage, cursing in public, pornography, gun play, etc.
  • Supremacy Attitude – the rules for others don’t apply to them; labeling and categorizing people is justified and supported; and experimentation on others is classified as science.
  • Products of Confusion – cheating, lies, stealing, rape, drugs, pollution and murder are examples of justified and rational resultants.
  • Extreme Beliefs – no tolerance of differences in thoughts and a lack of philosophical thinking.

The above synopsis and descriptions may seem complex compared to the very simple answer to how to prevent the Human from becoming a monster:

Love – love comes from the heart and not the head (brain). As humans are moved to act on situations by what their heart is telling them, they are exhibiting true humanist qualities.

Balance – an environment of air, water, food and relationships designed and developed by nature makes for a healthy human.

Consciousness – the human race is an experienced race with lessons already learned and best practices are already proven.  Once the human can use its built-in perceptions to remember and accept what is Real and True, consciousness keeps the human connected to humanity.

Again, it’s not complex, if Love-Balance-Consciousness is programmed “early and often” a more humanist affect is achieved.

I’m not making this stuff up.  The above principals work well with software development…it’s a matter of following the path that is Real for you.

Think and Grow…HTP!