Love Me Body and Soul

What is the Body to The Soul?

If your belief system includes the acknowledgement that the body is limited but the soul is infinite; you may question why is the body even needed?

When that question comes to mind on occasion; especially when feeling physical pain…I’m beginning to believe more thought must be given to understand the harmony that must exist between The Body and The Soul.

As was said to be recorded by Aristotle who most likely studied Kemetic teachings:

The Soul of a living being is associated to be “within” (enclosed) form and matter along with energy/power.  This enclosure can be referred to as The Body.

From the teachings I deduct, The Soul has use of The Body for (1) awareness and acknowledgement of  The Senses; (2) using the The Heart & Brain to produce rational thinking; (3) powering and providing The Soul with energy in a nutritive way; (4) perpetuating The Soul with a drive for purpose in the form of appetite; (5) and a means of movement.

The Senses – from my studies thus far, sensitivity is a “flesh” attribute and once our souls leave the earthly ream, there is no need of sensitivity.  Some master teachers are training students to either control or suppress their sensitivity (good and bad); while professions for psychology help hurting people channel towards positive sensitivity.   I feel very confident in believing senses can be a very strong motivator…strong enough to make one remove their hand from fire or kill someone for love of another. My best guess at this time in my life is… The Senses… driven by a very healthy and virtuous soul is an awesome motivator in contribution to purpose.  Therefore, I would like to believe that The Soul uses The Body’s senses to motivate The Body to make change…hopefully in a positive manner towards purpose.

HeartSoulThe Heart & Brain – it is recent understanding for me that human beings do better thinking from the heart in conjunction with the brain.  This understanding has led me believe I best rationalize things by first going to The Heart for compassionate wisdom and only then to The Brain to validate logical decision making.  As with the theories of duality, I believe these two attributes of The Body are a powerhouse when used together.  Apart, I have experienced disaster after disaster; ie…The Heart can be too trusting/empathetic/careless and The Brain can be too cautious/insensitive/analytic. With free will, I’m concluding at this time, The Soul has need to rationalize earthly instances that come by use of The Heart & The Brain.

Power & Energy – again, as I believe The Soulis not limited to the earth, but dwells in the body while on earth…The Body is available to manage power and energy in physical ways; where the The Soul can manipulate power/energy by metaphysical means.  Any needs The Body has for earthly power can be better energized by The Soul’s power to operate in the metaphysical realm.  Instances of “will power” and “miracles” can probably be attributed to the power of the The Soul.

Appetite – unfortunately, most beings don’t make a voluntary move without cravings or being driven to it.  The Soul resides on earth for its purpose.  The Body can provide an appetite to pursue the purpose.  

Golden WaveMovement – again on earth, the soul moves along with its body.  I have no doubt The Soulcan move outside the body on its own abilities; but The Soul’s purpose on earth involves movement of The Body…for all the above listed attributes.

So there you have it; using those attributes associated with Aristotle…I can rationalize why The Soul rightfully so resides in a formed-matter body.  It might be wise to mention here that ever body is unique in design and abilities.  For this, it might be wise to assume each soul is just as diverse.  I’m not sure if our bodies are ever meant to be completely joined by some matrix; but definitely believe our souls belong connected.


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