Mami Wata in Kemet


It seems I’ve turn onto a new path of my journey in studies of ancient Kemet (KMT). And to my surprise, it is Thought not readily available Nor popular in the “konscious” community right now.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been open to a direction towards the truth in AfRaKan Spirituality. But what I didn’t expect, was to be led to a study so ancient, I may now over-stand the truth about an era mostly hidden and destroyed. This blog introduces my Kemetic studies on the spirituality of Mami Wata.

I couldn’t find the physical book, so my reading was limited to the first some 200-pages: Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled Vol. 1 by Mamiissi Vivian Hunter-Hindrew.


Even though Mami Wata has been labeled of  the Voodoun religion, I found many, many, many associations of content in the book with my study of the Kemetic Goddesses. The book describes in detail evidence in artifacts and ancient writings that at one time, the majority of all high civilization on earth was directed and managed by women. Some call it the matriarchal society that began when earth was created by an ancient mother of the dark waters…what I inter-stand as the cosmos or out-in-space.  The author is very convincing that the human race began from the womb of a woman/mother called Mami Wata.

To embrace woman as the primary creator makes my path very interesting and in alignment with scientific logic and natural law models. From what I over-stand from the book…out from the dark waters rose a mound of dark matter (Ptah) or rock (Petra).

Not only is Mami Wata known as the primordial mother, but she is thought to be the earliest of ancient AfRaKan spirituality. Her earthly priestess and oracles are called Sibyls of which some wore circular mirrors on their foreheads. I can’t help but wonder if these forehead mirrors were to project a reflection from their pineal gland??? The Sibyl’s spiritual animal was identified by a black dove.


From the Mami Wata spirituality system came culture that a King be chosen exclusively by the Sibyls. This edict came with rationale that only a “mother” knows the true bloodline of a son/sun. But Kings were Not automatically delegated to be male. Girls would be crowned king if it be the will of Mami Wata.

Mami Wata is described to have been practiced in the Southern Sudan as early as 7,000 B.C.E and in KMT 4,000 B.C.E. Ancient Kemetic writings describe the people of the kingdom coming from the Mountain of the Moon that could easily translate to the primordial dark matter mound of Mami Wata.

The Mound Builders

The book presents a drawing of an ancient town organized with what looks to be administrative buildings and temples surrounded by housing and with multiple mounds on the outskirts of civilization. The mounds are described as the sacred birthing huts of the Sibyls…each assigned a Queen Mother. The Queen Mothers were liaisons between the Sibyls, the king and people. The book indicates each mound consisted of what we call today a pyramid structure covered by earth.


The Mami Wata mounds always housed astrology tools with symbols of the 12-zodiac eras. Supposedly, zodiac signs made most prevalent in the mounds indicated the era of which Mami-Aset gave birth to the sun/son along with pictures of animals she could transform into.

From the book, I was acquainted with the Goddess Neith and her attributes. The Goddess Neith in many KMT glyphs looks to be the same woman as Goddess Aset but with what is called an aquatic shuttle on her head and the symbol for water in her cartouche.  She is Not a popular deity, but this KMT goddess is probably the NTR attribute of Mami Wata.  Also interesting… as I searched for information on Goddess Neith, some suggest she actually became the King of Lower Kemet wearing the highly recognizable red headdress.  In the image below, her skin is green maybe denoting the ancient time humans were ultra healthy and the color of nature.


As another connection to KMT, the book also described the Goddess Het-Heru as the representation of the womb of Goddess Aset identified by the colors of red and white…red representing the bloodline and white for the mother’s milk.  The ancient illustration of Het-Heru wears two pillars on her head which are actually sacred mounds. The mounds are called OMphae, and I spell it with a capital M because from this word Mami Wata presents the concept of the ancient and primordial sound OM. If I’m correct, Tehuti writes “the creator was created from the word OM.” Rationale for two OMphae are to represent solar duality in KMT…Sirius (Aset) and The Sun/Son (Heru).


The book makes clear that during the era Mami Wata was practiced in ancient Nubia and KMT, the roles of women and men were very balanced. Women in leadership were dedicated to strategic planning and organizing of the kingdom; while men were the tactical leaders with roles to provide and protect the kingdom. During this time for KMT, thought to be under the sign of Taurus, the Sibyls were the only spiritual guides (priestess) and the rulers of the kingdom relied on them extensively for guidance in math and science…including astronomy/astrology and alchemy. The book presents evidence that during the well-defined balance of gender responsibility, the Sibyls’ wisdom and spirituality were used to suppress rebellion and inter-kingdom turmoil.


The sacred mounds were Not ordinary birthing huts. Since the Sibyls were considered “virgins”, these mounds were used to birth children with qualities and attributes of a royal solar deity. This process fully follows the story on how Goddess Aset was able to conceive and give birth to the Solar God Heru without sexual conception. Yes, I’m fully aware the term “virgin” was sometimes associated with an un-married woman as opposed to one who had never had sex. But in most cases, the Sibyls were only allowed to come in contact with men who had been castrated if any at all. Yet, the Sibyls were responsible to produce the next pharaoh to rule KMT.

Mami Wata the deity was highly associated with python and cobra serpents. The cobra was representative of the attributes of wisdom. But the python emphasized the virgin mother of SELF REGENERATION called Pa Renn or Pa Rent. The term Pa Renn/Rent has been translated to mean “water mother who gives” life, spirit and nourishment. This sounds like a Parent to me, but where is the role of the father?


Patriarchy in KMT

From the book, I over-stand there were two major conflicts that encouraged the fall of KMT. As earth left the era of Taurus and entered Aries, the Kemetic Sibyls noticed foreign visitors were introducing patriarchy to their civilization and the Sibyls ordered the foreigners to return home or be killed. When some of the foreigners refused to leave, KMT declared war on them and their civilizations. But by this time, patriarchy was beginning to spread so the next major conflict the Kemetic Sibyls encountered was a fight that came from the men of the kingdom and the women who chose to be submissive to them. The Sibyls trained Amazon women to battle extremist priest who wanted to replace the practices of Mami Wata with worship of the masculine sun God Ra. Many Sibyls were forced to allow male leadership into their shrines and temples; some Sibyls were killed for not adopting; and a few Sibyls fled KMT taking their families and the ancient practices of Mami Wata to west Africa, southern Euro-Asia islands and India.

There are stories how King Menes/Narmer of Upper Kemet was able to peacefully unite Upper and Lower KMT. But now I wonder if rather Goddess/King Neith was overthrown for this unification thus the start of pharaohs wearing the double crown.


With the rise of patriarchy in KMT, Goddessess Aset and Hathor continued to be worshiped but larger temples were built for the Solar Gods Asar, Heru, and AmonRa. During this time, the highest ranking woman would be the Queen Mother of a pharaoh with very little role in strategic leadership. Even as there is evidence today of a few female pharaohs, there is also evidence to destroy the story of her legacies.


In patriarchy kingdoms, OMphaes were replaced with elongated obelisk. And the practice of spiritual birthing mounds to produce pharaohs was replaced with sex…sometimes with foreign wives (see the bus of Nefertiti).

So, this is where the door closed on my studies of Mami Wata but not without possible explanations on the ancient roles of women in KMT, internal turmoil and other rationale for the spread of AfRaKan spirituality throughout the world.

From my limited quick read on the book, I now over-stand :
-Ancient nature comes from a cosmic mother named Mami Wata;
-The human race was birthed from a cosmic womb;
-The Age of Taurus, is actually of the Great Cow and Not the Great Bull;
-Mami Wata might be the oldest practice of AfRaKan spirituality;
-AfRaKan mounds contained pyramids and astrological tools;
-Sacred women can regenerate without sex;
-Mounds around the world were probably ancient birthing huts;
-Divine Feminine energy continues through the Sibyls of today;
-AfRaKan spirituality requires proper gender balance as practiced by Mami Wata Ma’at;
-The people of KMT will never be at peace again until they return to Ma’at.

As always, much light and love to your energy.



Under the Horizon – The Blue Lotus



Again, the “thought” is… that 24-hours is 24-Heru in describing the “Journey of Ra” as the Sun-God travels the cycle/circle of the seen and unseen worlds.

This blog serves as a continuation of Part 1-Heru over the Horizon.


Another aspect I learned early in my Kemetic studies is the myStory/mystery of the Blue Lotus. I don’t just believe in the mystical way the lotus plant submerges underwater each night and blooms above water each morning… because I’ve seen it happen in real time. And good thing I was able to witness the lotus rise/fall for myself because this mis-educated southern-united-states being wouldn’t have believed plants to have so much functionality let along intelligence. So now, connecting the phenomenon of the blue lotus with my inter-standing of the writings of Kemet…makes all the common sense in the world.

My philosophical statement: “Just as the blue lotus will submerge each night to the vast fluid darkness to reconnect with its source…so should the Neo-Kemite of today balance each daily cycle by using sleep to travel, re-charge, connect, communicate and release negative energy.”


Quick Summary on Ra’s Journey by Day

at-0400: Ra crosses the eastern horizon; Heru the Son/Sun-God is born again as Khepra.

a-round 1300: Heru transforms to RE at the height of the day.

a-round 1800: Heru becomes ATUM in the evening sky as Ra journeys to cross the western horizon.

Once across the western horizon…we/Ra journey along with the blue lotus to the unseen world(s).

a-round 2200 Heru:
-sleep deepens;
-the heart must release rings of negative Ka for healthy, productive and safe travels through the unseen world;
-avatars begin travel back to the mother ship.

a-round 0000 Heru:
-avatars dock to the mother ship for re-charging;
-the spirit/soul fully connects to Source;
-inter-dimensional travels begin;
-acacia records revealed;
-messages and transmissions relayed;
-astral travel.


‘at 0400 Heru:
-disconnect from Source;
-avatars return to earthly missions;
-a rise in solar energy experienced in the bio-body by Ra crossing the eastern horizon;
-optimum time to start meditating and meet with the ancestors.


And so the cycle/circle of Coming Forth by Day starts over where each earthly being is given a new opportunity to start life again.

Much Love, Peace and Balance.


Heru Above the Horizon

Early in my seeking, I started seeing parabolas.  Today, after sun gazing, this transmission came to me…part1:

The Cycle of 1-Day (24hours=24Horus=24Heru) IS Comming Forth by Day…(for North American Central Standard Times)

‘at: the right-balance of the word Ma’at
a-round: “a” stands for the beginning



‘at 0400 Heru:
-disconnect from Source;
-a rise in solar energy is experienced by RA crossing the eastern horizon;
-optimum time to start meditating and meet with the ancestors;

a-round 0600 Heru:
-rising of energy begins to level off along the parabola path (Ptah);
-gates to the ancestors closing;

a-round 1000 Heru:
-body ready to break-fast;
-before this horus only intake water and fruit;

a-round 1300 Heru:
-rise in solar energy is complete;
-full coming forth of the Sun/RE

a-round 2200 Heru:
-fall in energy is experienced by RA crossing the western horizon;

I’m hoping to expand on this transmission, but I’ve already started a new blog/part2 “Under the Horizon: The Blue Lotus”

Peace, Love, Balance



My 11 Kemetic Medicines

Health is Wealth


It’s logically obvious the AfroAmerican, Indigenous-American, Melanated-American is Not the same as everyone else. And this is Not an unnatural circumstance. Diversity in nature IS the fabric of our universe.

My uniqueness is evident by examination…(smile) I have more melanin in my skin than some others. By accepting the differences of AfroPeople, I’m able to better understand illness such as Post-Traumatic-Slavery-Symptoms (depression to aggression to psychosis); Culture Disconnection (un-stable community); and Unconscious Existence Disorder (striving to be more American than Afro and indigenous).


My Kemetic studies provide a path with medicines for healing most of the dis-ease AfroAmerican people are experiencing today. Most of the medicine is based on the over-standing natural purpose to be true to self…even if this means being “Not the Same.” So here are a few medicines I Now prescribe to on the path of wellness:

0. Peace & Balance:

-By asking myself during stressful situations if I’m spinning aimlessly toward things that don’t matter;
-Acknowledging what my heart and gut are telling me using intuition;
-Preparing for sleep at night for a good connection with The Source;
-Staying aligned with the principles of Ma’at (balance);
-Rejecting the interpretation of “perfect”;
-Forgiving myself;
-OverStanding excessive/extreme things/situations are unbalancing;
-Striving for a less stressful environment.
Peace and balance are my medicine.


1. Nutrients:

-By eating foods that provide nutrition such as organic fruits and vegetables compatible with my bio-system;
-Not relying on synthetic vitamins/supplements/drugs;
-Flushing my system each morning by drinking ph-balanced water as soon as I wake up and not breaking-my-fast (breakfast) until at least 10:00am;
-Not eating the fear of any animal;
I am well when I get nutrients…My food is my medicine.

2. Natural Hygiene:

-By acknowledging my body is the temple of my soul and should be clean;
-Not accepting others germs as always OK;
-Returning to Source (night sleep) each night clean;
-Replacing essential oils to my skin using black soap and organic butters;
-Minimizing synthetics touching my skin in make-up, hair products, deodorants and clothes made of non-organic materials;
-Not taking hot showers and inhaling toxic fumes from the hot water;
-Only putting things on my skin, I put in my mouth;
I live in a toxic environment…my hygiene is my medicine.


3. The Sun:

-By using my highly melanated skin to absorb the sun’s elements;
-Consciously attempting to get at least 2-hours of sunlight a day;
-Sun-gazing whenever I can.
I am made of star-stuff…The Sun is my medicine.

4. Exercise:

-Being gentle in movement to keep oxygen flowing through my body;
-Practicing yoga to yoke the body with the mind and spirit;
-Taking long walks with the dog in nature to serve another being;
-Reading diverse content to exercise my mind;
-Blogging to exercise thinking for myself (philosophy).
Exercise of body and mind is my medicine.


5. Spirit:

-Being dedicated to nurture my infinite soul;
-Indulging in philosophies that serve me;
-Practicing reverence to elements that guide, protect and serve me;
My spirituality is my medicine.

6. Discipline & Responsibility:

-Joining in truth to principles of natural law;
-Rejecting chaos;
-Refusing abusive ways in technology, artificial intelligence and energy systems;
-Careful of entertainment programming;
-Respectful of all naturally created things;
-Committed to provide for, protect and be of service to all my creations;
-Supporting the future of the unified AfroCommunity;
Order and standards are important…discipline and responsibility are my medicine.


7. Respect

-By recognizing and rejecting racism; sexism, class-ism, de-humanization, and animal/plant/planet abuse;
-Acknowledging and accepting the matriarchal system designed for mother earth;
-ReMembering principles of divine feminine for healing;
-Appreciating and supporting the masculine presence;
-Honoring ancestors, elders, SiStars and the warriors;
Respecting true members of the AfroCommunity is my medicine.

8. Self-Control

-By not participating in control mechanisms exerted by forceful individuals, government agency/policy, containment facilities and other institutions;
-Rejecting harmful stress to my mind and body;
-Moving forward to stay as stress free as possible.
Self-control is my medicine.

9. Seeking

-By acknowledging I don’t know everything;
-Looking for answers using My truth;
-Satisfied I will always be learning;
-Rejecting negative, confusing and conflicting programming;
-Excited that everyday I’m different as is the world.
Seeking is my medicine.


10. Common Sense

-By using Kemetic consciousness;
-Questioning science that is actually theory;
-Relying on evidence and logic to make sense of things.
-By appreciating my earthly experience;
-Spending time with quality, healthy, REAL people;
-Serving and sharing with all of nature;
-Yoking with my spiritual ancestors;
-Constantly looking for the energy of love in everything.
Common sense is my medicine.

I sincerely hope all of creation feel empowered to find the medicines that can ultimately make them be well and stay well. Here are 11 of mine to share with you.

Lots of Love and Light…Hotep.


GodIs Coffee


11 Hotep 11

This recipe is for anyone who embraces integrating Kemetic practices into everything they do…even making coffee 🙂

Hazelnut Vanilla coffee
Distilled water
Organic Honey
Almond Milk
Organic Cacao dark chocolate
Coffee brewer, filter, etc.
Colorful ceramic coffee cup

The Practice:

1.Brew your favorite brand of Hazelnut Vanilla coffee in distilled water.  The hazelnut re-minds of the beautiful colors in the pigment of Her skin; vanilla re-presents sensual flavor of Her essence; distilled water is purposely created for purity…just like the Goddess.

2.Once the coffee is freshly brewed, pour into a colorful (vibrating) ceramic cup (or anything made of natural materials). Counting out loud from 0 to 8, pour honey into the cup.  Counting to eight during the pour activates the sacred number for eternity. The honey re-minds of the Queen Bee…Her role and Her royalty in the hive.  

3.Stir the coffee honey mixture 42 times while reflecting on the 42 affirmations of Ma’at.  Don’t worry about remembering each affirmation while stirring… maybe read the list (link here if you need) while brewing the coffee and then just meditate while stirring.  Be sure to relax knees and shoulders during the practice.

4.While the coffee is still hot, drop a small square of dark chocolate into the cup to melt.  Chocolate is to help raise vibrations (smile).

5.Lastly, bless the mixture with 3-drops of almond milk.  The almond milk re-minds of mother nature’s milk (fruit of the tree).  Three drops activate the sacred number for the Trinity…mother, father, child.

Find a soothing or sacred space to enjoy the coffee…try to stay in the moment.  

Imagine your Ka enjoying the special treat you made from loving hands and the GodIs spirit.

11 Hotep 11

South is Up

I had a dream I was on a journey and moving in the wrong direction.

Lately, I’d begun studying the lunar cycles as part of my research on the divine feminine rising. So, I got up early that morning and began reviewing what I’d learned about directional instances as described in Kemetic interpretations.


One major revelation I gained early in my studies is that because the Nile River flows from south to north; southern parts of the Kemetic kingdom were labeled “Upper Kemet” while the northern lands near the Mediterranean Sea are called “Lower Kemet.” Another bit of truth I’ve gained is the Gall-Peters map, (AfRaKa projected very large on the world scale), is a more accurate projection of earth than the Mercator maps used in US schools that make Europe and the United States seem larger than they really are.


Then I came across the very interesting view of the Apollo 17 photo of the world from space where a website showing the south-pole on top and AfRaKa upside down.(


So my final focus directed me to look again at one of the famous illustrations of Ra’s Sun Boat Journey depicting the NTR to include the Goddess Nut giving birth to the sun…Shu pointing where the sun enters her mouth and is delivered from her womb.  The symbols and paintings of Kemet preserved to have lasted thousands of years must surely be trying to tell us something.

Looking at the illustration I realize:

(a) the sun-boat is traveling from left (a starry morning sky) to the right (the Duat); we know the sun rises in the “East” and sets in the “West” so the illustration also assumes “South” is up.

(b) Goddess Nut swallows the sun in the west each night and gives birth to it in the east by day.  Since her womb is located to the left (east), South is up.

(c) the Great Sphinx of Giza is said to face the sunset which agrees with the illustration where the hind-part of a lion rides the left  (east) depiction of the sun boat in the illustration.


All this brings me to accept at this time that South is Up; and question why I was taught otherwise?

Am I living through someone’s mirror???


Release Rings to Ascension


It’s clear we must examine the Link between antiquities and our Future…the links are trying to tell us something. For instance, the Emerald Tablets…where hue-men are heirs to the principles of Tehuti and ancestors were guardians to the tablet’s truth.

I’ve blogged many times before on documenting “My Hue-Men Journey” by building blueprints for Who You Are? and Where Have You Been? This blog discusses Where Are You Going?

Below are my comments while reading the book “Ancient Future” by Wayne Chandler as I was doing additional research:

Even as the body consists of earthly elements, sovereign infinite beings are having earthly experiences.  This is because the hue-men (natural mentality) race is so much more than just a body. What makes us hue-men is the Spirit (the Ka) that resonates in the mortal body. To keep it simple:

     When the body stops resonating Spirit (the Ka) for the benefit of the Soul (the Ba), physical death occurs. For instance, a person can be “brain dead”, but until the heart (earth) stops circulating life-force (Anhk); the Ka is Not released from the body. Ka-Ba will Not choose to stay with a dead body…the Ankh is unbound like a person suffocating for lack of air.  Instead, at death, Ba is free to ascend back to Source when appropriate conditions exist with the Ka. -Dea Ptah 2017

What is Source?
Source is what most religions have labeled God. Source is all knowing, all powerful and the all loving creator. Source is not a white man in the sky as I was taught. My analytical training and Kemetic studies help me better over-stand that Source is the divine network of the YouNiverse; of which everything in nature, including hue-men, are a part of. This is what I’m proposing:


*Before Earth →the Soul (Ba) vibrates through the ether (Source network).

*Earthly Experience →the Soul (Ba) accepts an earthly-purpose and uses the body as a temple to fill with Spirit (Ka) to accomplish the purpose.

*After Death →Spirit & Soul (Ka-Ba) attempt to ascend back to Source once the earthly-purpose is complete.

This supports that hue-men exist on earth
for a purpose assigned to the Ba
to be accomplished by the Ka.


1st Ring – Moon
Makes sense the first place the Ka-Ba would visit directly leaving earth would be the closest celestial location… the Moon. On the Moon, the ability to increase and decrease is released from the Ka. I translate this to be associated with mood swings. Once we master our emotions…we are on a faster track to accession.

2nd Ring – Mercury
At this celestial place, the Ka releases machinations to include scheming, tricks, plotting and maneuvering. It is Not natural to connive to gain a self advantage over anyone/anything.

3rd Ring – Venus
Venus is known as the planet of love; but here the Ka must release the confusion of lust and passions. Keeping clear…the Ka is complete with balanced amounts of divine feminine and masculine presence. On earth, lust is for the body and passions are a mental illusion.

4th Ring – Sun
We are taught ambition is a “good and worthy” attribute on earth. But now I question the need for ambition when we already have everything we need…thanks to the Sun. In the 4th Ring, Ka releases ambition.

5th Ring – Mars
No co-incident that the word Mars rhymes with Wars. Here Ka releases profane rash worldliness…commonly found in ego. Again no co-incident the word ego uses the same letters as “geo” a prefix meaning earth/world.

6th Ring – Jupiter
Here Ka releases the accumulation of riches. Interestingly…the aspect of “accumulation” is emphasized.

7th Ring – Saturn
I describe this ring as the “gate of chaos” to release all falsehoods, conflicting messaging, intentional confusion, rebellion to order, and negative programming.

8th Sphere – YouNiverse
This is the ring of “fixed stars” and pure light. It is my interpretation here the Ka is fully released and Ba returns to Source…the mother-ship.

So there it is…my comments on the divine ascension of the infinite and immortal Ba as described by the guidance of 7-rings to fully release the Ka.

This blogs supports additional study and future postings on:

-What is hue-men (natural mentality)?
-How is the YouNiverse designed?
-What is Earthly-Purpose?
-What if the Ka is Not fully released?

It is my prayer all hue-men searching for purpose find a blueprint such as this to guide their journey in a peaceful and harmonic way.

-em Hotep